Perfect Valentine’s Day walks

Perfect Valentine’s Day walks

With only a couple of days until the most romantic day of the year, what better way than to go for a loving stroll with your other half. With a crisp, winter setting and a gorgeous, scenic route, you can find yourself falling in love all over again.

Ensure you are wrapped up warm with socks & gloves and have suitable footwear (flip flops are a no no). If you are yet to find love, fear not, as these walks are also great for a stroll without the need to hold someone else’s hand.

Virginia Water Lake, Surrey

One of Surrey’s best kept secrets, Virginia Water Lake was originally developed for royalty, and is an extension from Windsor Great Park. Rumours are it was named after Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. These rumours are unfounded. Thankfully, it is now available for public use, and is enjoyed by thousands each year. Roughly 4.5 miles circulates the lake, making it an ideal length for a walk. There are various sites along the scenic route too, including a cascading water feature built in the rocks (inspiration for our own perhaps?), a towering 100 foot Totem Pole and a (very small) beach area, great for paddling (although perhaps not in February!)

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The Long Walk, Windsor

Interestingly, this walk is located within the same estate as Virginia Water Lake (Windsor Great Park – this gives you an idea of just how big it is), however you’d need to walk an extra 2.5 miles to reach the lakes from the end point of the Long walk. Therefore this is justifiable as its own delightful route. Starting near the castle at Cambridge Gates in the heart of Windsor town centre, culminating at the The Copper Horse statue, this walk will take you 2.65 miles (or 5.3 miles if you need to return). Although a straight path, it’s beautifully set between trees and shrubbery, with various wildlife spotted along the way. At reaching your destination, you are welcomed with stunning views of the castle, and the view itself is spectacular, so be sure to bring your camera.

Tarn Hows, Lake District

Home of the highest mountain in England (Scafell Pike), the Lake District attracts over 15million people each year, and it’s not hard to see why. Covering 885sq mi, this large yet beautiful mountainous range offers activities and walks in abundance. Tarn Hows is a short lake-set walk (1.9m), situated between Coniston and Ambleside, west of Lake Windermere. It’s a very gentle walk, suitable for all ages and abilities, covering a mountain lake and a small wooded hill. Make sure you pack a raincoat however, as Tarn Hows and the Lake District is situated in one of the wettest parts of England.

Hyde Park, London

We return to the south east for this walk, situated in central London, just north of the River Thames.  One of the largest parks in London, covering 350 acres and listed as a Royal Park, Hyde Park has something for everyone. Chances are you won’t be the only couple enjoying a romantic stroll around this popular park, and runners will pass you on the way, but with so much to see and do, it’s amazing you can fit all this inside central London. With the infamous Speakers’ Corner, Serpentine Lake, Diane, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and the 7 July Memorial, this park is rich on history. Contiguous with Kensington Gardens, it’s a 4.3 mile walk to cover the two, making it an ideal, scenic route to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy London streets.

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Brighton Beach, Brighton

We conclude with a coastline treasure in Brighton beach, 5.4 miles from end to end. Over 150,000 people will visit the beach on sunny summer weekends, but for Valentine’s Day, the beach walk far less populated, making it an ideal romantic walk. Nothing beats walking next to the fresh smelling ocean water, and you’ve even an opportunity to stop off for fish and chips and a game of mini golf along the way. Another delight along the way is the Brighton Pier, where you can try win your sweetheart a cuddly toy or get a photo in a ‘Just Married’ cut out board (people do get married on the pier too, if that takes your fancy). This is definitely a walk for the activity friendly couple.

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We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s day, whoever you decide to spend the special day with.

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Do Water Features Need Electricity?

Concerns about power sources and the safety of electricity around water are key for people choosing a water feature. There are various different power options available and garden water fountains are safe for general use.

Do Water Features Need Electricity

Do water features need electricity?

Yes, water features need electricity to pump the water round. Water features can be wired into the mains or solar powered. Many do not need to be plumbed into mains water and simply run off an internal reservoir.

Mains powered water features

Water fountains running on mains electricity can be placed almost anywhere in your garden, depending on the length of the cable. Of course, you can use outdoor extension leads if the supplied cable is not long enough for your desired location. Run the cable to an outdoor plug or a socket inside a shed or garage, then you can switch on your water feature whenever you desire or leave it running all the time. You can even bury the wiring underground, just be sure to use armoured cable trunking to prevent digging into it.

Solar powered water features

As well as being eco-friendly, the main benefit of solar water fountains is that they are completely self contained and free from cables. They take in sunlight through a panel which is either built in or placed beside the feature, and use this to power the flow of water. In order to run, these water features do need to be in direct sunlight, which may limit where you can place them in the garden. It’s also important to note that they do not usually store power, so the water will only be pumped round while the sun is out.

So whichever model you choose, your water feature will need a supply of electricity to keep the fluid pumping round. But you have the option of wiring your fountain into the mains power source or have it powered by the sun’s energy.

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He writes about his misadventures in repotting plants and new discoveries about cat repellers.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The feast day of St. Valentine is fast approaching! St. Valentine lived in the 3rd century A.D. and was executed for clandestinely marrying lovers contrary to Roman law – over the centuries he has become an international symbol of true love. So whether you’re looking to woo that special someone, or enchant the one you’re with, look no further than Primrose for that special Valentine’s Day gift.

Water Features

From our tabletop fountains to elaborate structures for your garden, you’re sure to find something to make your loved one smile. Why not check out our bestselling Kendal Three Tier Cascade Water Feature, or for something a bit more exotic with a bit of life in it take a look at our Easter Island Head Solar Water Feature and Planter. For a more quirky feel you could buy one of our gnome helper water features – perfect for a home or office space. You could even opt for a bird bath water feature, and make our feathered friends welcome in your garden. Feel free to browse our full range of water features, with other 1000 to choose from, you’re sure to find something to say “I love you” to that special someone.




At Primrose we have a wide selection of planters, great for sprucing up an indoor space with some greenery, or for your patio or garden, our planters are of the best quality. So if your partner is green thumbed, give the gift of a planter this Valentine’s. Choose from our great range of metal, wooden or fibreglass planters. We even have personalised planters – so you can personalise a gift to your loved one. Another great gift idea from us at Primrose is to invest in a Pond in a Pot, these innovative additions to your garden can be bought in complete packs with water flowers to help your love bloom all year round.


A stunning Pond in a Pot from Primrose. Order yours in time for Spring!


Garden Mirrors

Why not buy a mirror to accentuate the size of your garden and your love! Our stunning range of garden mirrors are sure to leave a positive reflection on your love life. Choose from acrylic mirror sheets if you don’t mind a bit of DIY to our spectacular gothic mirrors to give that fairytale feel to your garden.


A Beautiful Gothic Mirror



Perfect for getting your love life to the right temperature, Primrose’s range of chimeneas are great for warming toes and creating a perfect ambience for your garden or outdoor space. Choose from clay, cast iron or steel – not forgetting to properly cure your chimenea if it’s clay! Whichever material you opt for, you’re sure to set hearts racing with this quaint and exotic source of light and heat in your garden.



Whichever way the wind is blowing, your love is sure to weather any storm with our weathervanes. Choose from a variety of attractive figures to sit atop your home and let you and your neighbour know which way the wind is blowing.



Candles and Lighting

Finally, why not take a look at our selection of lighting to brighten up your love life. From solar border lights to our range of flameless candles you’re sure to find something to give your home or garden that special something.


We at Primrose wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day, and hope you find something from us to make it extra special.


CharlieCharlie works in the Primrose marketing team, mainly on online marketing.

When not writing for the Primrose Blog, Charlie likes nothing more than a good book and a cool cider.

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Pest Repellers – Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Electronic pest repellers are quickly becoming a must have in many households, keeping pests out at the flick of a switch. Here at Primrose we are always striving to innovate in our products, and we recently took a deeper look into some of our competitors to see what else was on offer across the pest control market. While hoping to find ways to improve our own designs, we discovered many retailers were offering products which didn’t perform as advertised. Here’s a little insight into some of our findings and a look at some products which you should be avoiding.

Product 1

The first product is a Solar Garden Ultra Sonic Pest Repeller, bought from eBay. As the product is advertised as a twin speaker product – clearly displaying two speakers on the front of the casing – you would expect it to utilise both of these, right? Wrong. When opened up you can clearly see it is not wired to the second speaker, which is just a fake covering and not a speaker at all. We believe this to be a way to cut costs during the manufacturing process but this is clear false advertising and the pest repeller would not perform how you would expect.

Twin speaker pest repellerNo wiring to second speakerFully disassembled product

Product 2

Next we tested one of the most popular pest repellers on eBay, the Whole House Ultrasonic Plug In Pest Repeller. This is available through lots of resellers on eBay and is typically sold in multiple deals. The product suggests on the front of the casing that it uses electromagnetic technology to rid your home of pests. However, when you take a look at the inner workings, the product is completely void of an electromagnetic component altogether. This would render the product pretty useless over larger areas and definitely would limit its use within an entire household.

Popular electromagnetic pest repellerDisassembled productNo electromagnetic component

Product 3

Finally, we looked at another product which claimed to be an electromagnetic pest product, suitable for the whole house. This time we opted to compare it to a Primrose product, the Budget Rat and Mouse Repeller which is near identical. However upon further inspection the product also has false claims of electromagnetic technology. The pest repeller also just generally lacks many features of other whole house devices, such as amplification circuitry and power management circuits.

Comparison to Primrose product

We were genuinely shocked at just how many products on the market are misleading consumers into buying products using deception and manufacturing shortcuts. Here at Primrose we don’t rely on false claims, and you can trust us if we say something is in a product, it’s in the product.


GeoffGeoff works within the Primrose marketing team, primarily on anything related to graphics and design.

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