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This week’s theme is Brilliant Blooms; we are going back to basics and focusing on the pure beauty of flowers. We have been loving your photos on Primrose Gardens and all the hard work you put into making them look spectacular, what could complete a  garden more than flowers in full bloom?

From the bright and friendly to the unusual and peculiar, here are this week’s flourishing flowers:

This beautiful Gazania is growing blooming marvelously in Summer Gardens
This beautiful gazania is growing marvellously in Summer Gardens
Nancy's Garden said that this Cacli only bloomed for one day - we are very happy that she caught it on camera.
Nancy’s Garden said that this cactus only bloomed for one day – we are extremely happy that she caught it on camera for us.
We love the unusual colouring of these Lilies in Potty's Garden.
We love the unusual colouring of these lilies in Potty’s Garden.
Madingley Gardens posts wonderful close-ups of flowers but these Lilies where a particular favourite of ours.
Every week Madingley Gardens posts wonderful close-ups of flowers in his garden, but these lilies are a particular favourite of ours.
 Dewy Dianthus-raspberry parfait in Junie's Garden.
Dewy Dianthus-raspberry parfait in Junie’s Garden.

Primrose Gardens allows you to create a beautiful pictorial record of your garden where you can show off your garden to family and friends to enjoy over the years. It’s also a community of garden enthusiasts and the perfect space to discuss tips and tricks, as well as getting plants identified!

Sally primroseSally works in the Marketing team here at Primrose.

She spends most of her spare time looking into the latest developments in social media. Sally loves travel and wants to step foot in every continent in the world. When not travelling the Globe or working, she likes to relax with a bit of DIY.

She is a novice gardener and doesn’t claim to be an expert, anything she learns she will happily pass on.

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Primrose™ Pond in a Pot
One of the new Primrose developments – Pond in a Pot

An online garden retailer based in Reading is seeking to recruit a talented and experienced plants communicator to join our team.

Applicants need to be skilled and well versed with all flora. This is a great opportunity for an enthusiastic individual to join a company expanding their plants inventory. Established 12 years ago, the company is growing yet closely knit with a knowledgeable and friendly team.

Key responsibilities:

  • Able to hold one sided conversations with all types of plants.
  • Able to multitask – we have thousands of plants in stock ranging from spring planting bulbs, hedging and shrubs, bay trees, pond plants, exotic plants and fruit trees.
  • Able to speak using different dialects – some plants respond better to Scottish accents for example.
  • Able to react to changes needed, such as repotting plants into differently coloured planters if they indicate they don’t like the colour. You’ll need to have familiarity with our range of over 1000 planters to match the right pot to the plant.
  • Monitoring the success of the communications through monthly and ad hoc reporting.

Candidates ideally would be:

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to take their plants knowledge to the next level and develop their career. Full support and on-the-job training provided.

Previous experience not required, but beneficial.

Pay will start at £35,000 – may be negotiable depending on experience

Please send your application or any queries to hello@primrose.co.uk.

Over 2600 Plants & Trees

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Flower Bulbs at Primrose

We’ve been busy planning our gardens for 2014, and creating a haven for wildlife is high on our lists.

With reports of an ever declining bee population potentially threatening crops, we can do our share to help them by devising gardens with a high concentration of nectar and pollen rich flowers.

Our range of over 100 varieties of flower bulbs can now be pre-ordered and is expected to ship mid February.

We’d love to hear your plans for 2014 – share them with us on our blog!

Dahlia Tubers from £2.99 Gladiolus Bulbs from £3.99 Begonia Tubers from £3.99
Lily Bulbs from £2.99 Arum Lily Bulbs from £4.99 Iris Bulbs from £4.45
Montbretia Bulbs from £3.99 Canna Bulbs from £3.99 Edible Garden Bulbs from £1.99
Bee Friendly Bulbs from £12.99 Other Bulbs from £3.45 Gift Bulbs from £11.99

The goods came quickly and very well packed. The bulbs were in very good condition and am looking forward to the spring.

Over 1150 Planters from £0.99

Garden Hand Tools from £2.45

wedding-meCat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named Canadian towns, obscure holidays and unusual gardening.

She mostly writes about Primrose news and current events.

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Bulbs, Cat, Gardening, Gardening Year

With a new year starting many people take up resolutions: become fitter, eat healthier and perhaps rekindle those friendships that have been allowed to drift.

Other people take this opportunity to plan the year ahead: when to take holidays, achievements to complete or learning a new skill.

As a gardener – though probably more a novice gardener than anything else – I like to plan ahead. My 2014 gardening resolution are to get a raised grow bed to start my own vegetable patch and plant flower bulbs, particularly wildlife and bee friendly bulbs.

We recently asked on Facebook what everyone else’s gardening plans for 2014 are and got some great answers:

  • Julia: To work towards being employed by a certain holiday company as a Garden Tour Guide which I will excel at and enthuse loads of keen gardening folk.
  • May: I will be rearranging my garden to help the wildlife to have more space, and for me to be able to handle now I am into my mid 70s. so a very busy year ahead . A happy new year to you to.x thanks for your spot on FB , keeps me sane in a world in turmoil.
  • Sarah: Planting up my new raised bed with loads of veg. Have already planted garlic in pots.
  • Gill: Make the best use of my new polytunnel. Do more weeding. Work out how to stop the rabbits and other wildlife eating everything I plant. Make our very small front garden into a space that is nice to be in.
  • Paul: To win all classes on allotments with giant veg tired of just winning 5 of the classes.
  • Karen: To put all my tools in one place so that I don’t have to spend ages searching for them
  • Peter: Rebuild the fence that got blown down last week.
  • Roddy: Trying to cram a prairie planting scheme into a tiny garden. I already have the rudbeckia, echinaceas and heleniums. I need to get some tall grasses and asters. Can anyone recommend an aster that isn’t too vigorous? I had one last year that just took over the whole garden…
  • Sue: A complete makeover. But with an acre of garden I will have my work cut out.
  • Sam: Make the very best of what ever the British weather has in store for us and enjoy the pleasures of gardening to the fullest!
  • Lisa: Hopefully finishing off the back garden that we started last year.

What are your plans for this year?

wedding-meCat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named Canadian towns, obscure holidays and unusual gardening.

She mostly writes about Primrose news and current events.

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