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Following on from the video of the poor lady who got her hair stuck in a bush, we have collated a collection of the funniest garden-related videos for when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day (or rainy weekend if the weather forecast is sadly correct).

  • It’s a warm, summer’s day and you have the hose pipe filling the pool. However, this dog decides to have a bit of fun..

  • How on earth does one manage to get stuck inside a compost bin?

  • Just remember, dogs aren’t always the bravest pets in the household.

  • This would be ideal if you were having a party and needed ice!

  • This may well be fake, but ouch!

  • Sometimes a strong man isn’t always useful in gardening situations.

  • And finally, a compilation of garden videos to enjoy!

We hope you have enjoyed these videos. What’s your favourite?

AmieAmie is a marketing enthusiast, having worked at Primrose since graduating from Reading University in 2014.

She enjoys all things sport. A keen football fan, Amie follows Tottenham Hotspur FC, and regularly plays for her local 5 a side football team.

Amie also writes restaurant reviews on  Barnard’s Burger Blog.

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Film fans will have noticed that arguably the most prolific, admired secret agent Britain has ever known will descend back onto our screens today. That’s right, James Bond is back, or perhaps more importantly, Daniel Craig is back, in what is rumoured to be his last appearance!

The new film, Spectre, will see James Bond travel through Mexico City and Rome, and infiltrate the existence of the sinister organisation, incidentally named SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion in case you were wondering).


No doubt it will be one of the biggest films of the year, but James Bond will need some gadgetry to assist him. From the high spec Aston Martin DB series to the Quantum Earpiece, he has been gifted with some of the most inventive creations over his time, but I think he could use some extra help from Primrose.

  1. Warmawear Bluetooth Controlled Heated Insoles

James Bond has to venture through the cold environment of Austria, specifically Sölden, Obertilliach (a great location if Bond fancies his hand at skiing) and Lake Altaussee, where temperatures can easily drop below freezing. Thankfully, there is an ideal solution in the form of heated insoles.

Controlled through a smartphone app (which will be no issue for James Bond on his super high tech Sony Xperia), he can warm his toes up to 35-55°C, so he needn’t worry about a little frostbite when escaping from nasty villains.  Available in four sizes, they will fit in any shoe, as they are easily adjustable to your shoe size. They are also waterproof, perfect for Bond.

  1.  Pestbye Mole Spring Trap

James Bond has encountered numerous animals throughout his time, from sharks and snakes to elephants and komodo dragons; he has seen more animals than a visitor at London Zoo. Often used by villains, as a form of weaponry or tool in their attempt to override Bond, they are far from the cute, cuddly creatures we’d expect to see. Did anyone see how big the komodo dragons were in Skyfall?


Although Primrose can’t assist with repelling komodos (although that could be in the pipeline), there is a very handy gadget which will not only protect Bond from deadly moles, but can double up as a weapon against humans (and moles, acting as spies).  Poison free, fast and effective, and double ended for maximum efficiency, this all-weather trap will bring pain and misery to any enemies that try to defeat Bond.

  1. Flicker Flame Drip Effect Wax Candles

James Bond has had a hard day hasn’t he? Fighting off killer moles, trekking through sub-zero temperatures, you’d think he would like a nice quiet evening to himself. Wait, who am I kidding, Bond would not be by himself. He is the epitome of the word lothario, from Sylvia Trench in Dr No (the very first “bond girl”) to the seductive Severine (the only “Bond girl” who is a villain).

So to set up this romantic scene, yet avoid the risk of fire (because you never know when James Bond might come under attack or have to rush off), LED candles are a superb choice. Resembling a dancing candle flame, with a realistic wax drip effect, Bond’s next lady will never suspect a thing.

If you think you will be called up by MI6 for the next death-defying mission (and I do hear James Bond will need a new lead for the next film), remember Primrose have plenty of ideas to name but a few, to help you along the way.

AmieAmie is a marketing enthusiast, having worked at Primrose since graduating from Reading University in 2014.

She enjoys all things sport. A keen football fan, Amie follows Tottenham Hotspur FC, and regularly plays for her local 5 a side football team.

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Love Your Garden Hazel Hurdles

Last night’s episode of Love Your Garden featured the most ambitious transformation by Alan Titchmarsh and his team yet. They were in Dorset to help young couple Rachel and Andy, who had been struggling with the news of Andy’s terminal cancer. Determined to make the most of their time left together, they wanted to be able to enjoy the garden they’d been unable to work on.

The Love Your Garden team rose to the challenge and created an incredible space for the whole family to play and relax in. They built tunnels and a log tractor for Lucas, the couple’s son, alongside a wooden bar, swinging daybed, and a seating area with a fire globe.


To round off the frontier style garden, Alan bordered it with our Papillon hazel hurdles. The hurdles are handwoven from durable hazel wood using sustainable sources. These enhanced the rustic aesthetic and were the ideal, natural-looking fencing the team were searching for.

Watch the full episode to see the finished garden!

George at PrimroseGeorge works in the Primrose marketing team. As a lover of all things filmic, he also gets involved with our TV ads and web videos.

George’s idea of the perfect time in the garden is a long afternoon sitting in the shade with a good book. A cool breeze, peace and quiet… But of course, he’s usually disturbed by his energetic wire fox terrier, Poppy!

He writes about his misadventures in repotting plants and new discoveries about cat repellers.

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Primrose's tree seat appears on Love Your Garden

We know that our readers love their gardens, so were wondering how many of you tune into ITV’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh. Those watching last night (30th June 2015) must have seen our very own Liz Frances™ Tree Seat take centre stage of the beautifully designed garden! Positioned as a centerpiece around an old walnut tree, the tree seat certainly made an eye catching focal point as well as providing a great place to sit and take in the beautiful surroundings.

“Oh gosh. Gosh gosh gosh. That’s lovely”

The high quality teak garden furniture definitely grabbed Mr Titchmarsh’s attention, his first reaction simply being “Oh gosh. Gosh gosh gosh. That’s lovely”. Could we have had a better endorsement? The presenters were quick to praise the wood it was made from, noting the sturdy visible grain and the fact that it is from sustainable sources. At the end of the show, Alan Titchmarsh and the ecstatic owners of the garden sat together round the tree seat with glasses of champagne, relaxing and enjoying the newly beautified view.

We’re honoured that our seat was featured on the programme, and more than a little bit jealous of the Colquhoun family for their stunning new garden look. Let us know if it inspired you in the comments section below.

If you love our tree seat, you can check it out on our website here. We’ll be popping up on Love Your Garden throughout the series, so keep an eye out for Primrose products!

Tree Seat 1.8m 'Hayle' Grade A Teak by Liz Frances™

Harriet works in the Primrose marketing team, mainly on online marketing.

She’s a big fan of reading, TV quiz shows, and is a highly experienced user of gardens (especially when it involves lounging outside on a sunny afternoon).

As a trivia lover whose favourite book when growing up was an illustrated factopedia (true story), she likes to write for the blog about interesting things she has found out whilst wandering the internet.

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