Charity Spotlight: Just A Drop

Just a Drop water charity logoOne of the charities we’re supporting for the National Garden SleepOut this year is Just a Drop – dedicated to providing healthy water to the world’s children.

Just a Drop has carried out over 96 projects providing clean, safe water to communities in 29 countries. They work to eliminate the risks of unhealthy water by constructing wells, boreholes, washing facilities, latrines and more. A child dies every 20 seconds from waterborne diseases, but with the help of its volunteers and your donations, Just a Drop can save lives.

Children carrying water in Africa

Every donation counts – just £10 can provide a child with water for their entire life. In the developed world we may whinge about hosepipe bans or excessive rain, but we take for granted the fact that we have access to clean, safe water when many others don’t.

Just a Drop also has a variety of ideas and activities especially for kids – check out the Splash Pack section of their website to get involved.

To learn more or donate, visit