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Mirror, mirror on the wall (or the fence, or the trellis)…

I love to use mirrors in the garden, to reflect light and add a feeling of extra space to my small patch, which is only 25’ x 35’, so every little helps! I’ve had my mirrors for years, and they’ve stood up to the weather well, although maybe they’re just a little bit tarnished now. Only three are specific “garden mirrors” – the rest are from junk shops, car boots, pound shops etc. (Did I mention I was a thrifty gardener?), but they all serve to add a touch of mystery. So would you like to come with me and take a look through the looking glass?

Black garden mirror
This small, black metal mirror (from a charity shop) is really useful. It’s situated on trellis in a shady area (there’s a huge honeysuckle growing just above it), but it reflects just enough light to grow fuchsias beneath it.

And if I zoom in, can you see the reflection of the opposite side of the garden? So, two gardens for the price of one!
Garden reflection mirror
Further along the trellis, hidden amongst the ivy, there’s another little mirror. I like the shelf beneath it. I used to stand tea-lights on it and they looked great reflected in the mirror at night…until I almost set fire to the trellis! Better go with battery candles next time 🙂
Window illusion mirror with a shelf
Now then, this is a mistake, but I’ll show you anyway. This mirror, up in the Fairy Garden, is totally obscured by the climbing rose (Rosa Albertine) and I really should have trained her better, around the mirror, instead of in front of it! But she’s so lovely, and smells gorgeous so I’ll leave her for now. After she’s finished flowering she’s getting the chop though!
Garden mirrors and roses
I risked life and limb sticking my camera through her vicious thorns to get this pic for you (ouch!). This is the view the mirror reflects.
Reflection of Di's mirror
…Oh and I’ve just realised you can see the bedroom window! Best be careful where you set mirrors in the garden…never know what they might reflect!

But this is my favourite one! Hubby bought it for me years ago from the RHS Flower Show at Tatton. I say it’s “shabby chic”, he says it needs “a good rubbing down and a coat of paint” (after 35 years of marriage we rarely agree on anything!).
Window illusion mirror in the garden

I think this one is quite romantic…hubby thinks it’s “tatty!” Oh well, each to their own I say!
Heart-shaped garden mirror
And he’s banned me from lighting candles in this one, for obvious reasons…
I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through the mirrors with me. Do you like to use mirrors in your garden, or to quote Hubby, do you think they’re “just a load of old tat?”

Happy Gardening!
Di x

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