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Sunshine, Apples, and Stawberries

Isn’t it amazing how a dash of sunshine and a splash of rain can really kick-start the garden into ‘growing mode’? Taking advantage of the sliver of sunshine yesterday, I ventured into the garden to see how things were coming along.
Pink Hyacinths close up
The hyacinths are open, brightening up some pots with their gorgeous colours not to mention smelling divine. The weeds are romping away (much to my displeasure) but alas!
Purple hyacinths close up
My fruit trees are doing well; I must admit that due to the late frosts and heavy rain I was worried that none of them would start developing fruit after the blossom was so savagely ravaged but hey, I’m in the Scottish Borders and Scottish weather is usually wet and unpredictable, to say the least.

My dwarf apple trees are developing the odd couple of fruits; the one planted into the ground is doing much better than the other in a pot and for the first year ever my cherry tree has cherries growing on it! Needless to say, my boys and I are looking forward to tasting them once ripe. Though, my laid-back approach to the birds might have to go, as they’ve already been eyeing up my potential harvest! I’m thinking of trying bird netting — does anyone have any tips on how to deter birds without actually frightening them from the garden?

My strawberry plant has suffered quite a bit and after the fruits ripen I think I’ll have to replace it, poor thing is only in its second year but it hasn’t done well with the erratic weather at all so any suggestions on strawberry varieties suited to Scottish weather would be greatly appreciated. I hope we all get some decent weather soon!

Take care, Nicole 🙂


  1. Victoria Erlanger

    My suggestion for deterring birds, although not feasible for everyone, is to get a cocker spaniel! Being originally bred for flushing out game birds, my boy loves to make them fly. I am currently trying to teach him the difference between ‘bird’ and ‘pigeon’. Seriously though, a net thrown over young plants works well – they don’t seem to bother with mature ones. do remember though, for the price of a few tender shoots, the birds will nicely hoover up the slugs and bugs! Vicky, Oxfordshire

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Vicky, I’ve got two labs so don’t think the hubby will let me get another dog unfortunately and they’re both far too lazy to chase the birds lol. I like the idea of netting but if they’re going the hoover up the slugs and snails then I might just let them off. Nicole 🙂

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