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Sunshine and Wind in Our Garden

Oh what a beautiful day today, despite it being rather windy. The sun is shining and the rain has stopped!
Nicole at the Plot

Taking full advantage of the break in the constant downpour that has been our summer so far, my boys and I ventured into the garden to do the chores which the rain had made impossible to tackle. I dug out the weeds while my boys delighted in finding one of their sunflowers upright and as tall as them. The other sunflowers have been flattened by the rain so we’ve staked them and are hoping that they’ll straighten out a little in time (fingers crossed).
A sunflower as tall as Nicole's boys
Our willow planters in which we grow veg needed to be cleared out. Being left to tackle this myself, braving the spiders which have made them their home, I harvested what was left of the lettuce and radishes and took the opportunity to sow more. Our runner beans are growing well but the French beans have been a complete let down; I think we’ll try again next year when the weather is hopefully kinder to us.
Mysterious fuzzy purple flower
The strawberry plant which I thought was on its last legs has surprised us all by thriving again and is developing fruit — I think it could be because we moved it to a more sheltered spot. Our mini meadow is bursting into flower with a variation of different things, though the only ones I can identify are the poppies. The fluffy light blue pompom things are lovely; can anyone identify this plant for me?
A bee feeding from a flower
A lone bee decided to pop in for a visit (it’s only the sixth one we’ve seen so far this year). My boys deciding it might sting them, so they wouldn’t let me get more than one photo of it! I did manage to snap one as it headed for our escallonia.
Tomato plant flower buds
We were delighted to find that the tomato plants we grew from seed are doing really well in our plastic tomato house without any heat and are flowering, so taking my elderly neighbour’s advice we gave them a good feed (after all you can’t beat home grown tomatoes!). I hope we have more days like this (sunny and dry), my boys enjoyed running about in the sunshine while I did the hard graft and we loved every minute.



  1. Victoria Erlanger

    The fluffy blue flower is Phacelia (or Californian Bluebell). It is favoured by beekeepers and for green manure. It seems to be making its way into our wildflower mixes too.

    1. Thank you Victoria 🙂 I wondered what it was, it’s a really lovely flower. Now I can tell my neighbour what it is too because she wants some.

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