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A Primrose SleepOut

Last Saturday, as part of the The National Garden SleepOut, most of the Primrose team got together to celebrate and quite a few slept out, too!

Our SleepOut adventures started early in the evening with a barbeque and, of course, plenty of beer and wine. Sitting outside talking whilst watching the sun slowly set behind the trees was magical with the sunbeams at times almost dancing around thanks to a light breeze moving the trees.

Tents were being pitched just before the light had completely disappeared and once it got dark it was time for the fire! Lo and behold we had a very large and very hot bonfire. Temperamental as bonfires can be, we found ourselves moving closer and further away from it over the next hours until it was well beyond midnight and we went to our tents.

The morning was followed by another barbeque and a glorious sunrise. Sleeping out had been refreshing and lovely.

Now we need more nice weather and another SleepOut!

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