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Making Lists: What Plants Rabbits DON’T Eat

I do love making lists – it helps to organise my mind, but inevitably one list leads to another and so on…

White plant bed
But at the moment the list I’m making is: ‘What Plants Rabbits Don’t Eat.’ And, please feel free to add to it. It’s an ongoing list, and its counterpart is, of course: ‘What Rabbits Do Eat.’

This is an easier list – made up by trial and error in the knowledge that my bank balance is rapidly dwindling as I purchase choice perennials and shrubs to feed the ever-growing population of Oryctolagus cuniculus (wild rabbits to you and me).

Osteospormum flower - rabbits love to eat themThey quickly seized on Spirea ‘Bridal Wreath’, Convolvulus cneorum, Eucalyptus gunnii, and a couple of clematis. Lupins, roses, and osteospermum are equally unsafe. And I’ve given up with the broccoli and sprouts, while young trees are stripped of their bark almost overnight if not guarded.
Lupin plantsBut, on a brighter note, and back to my original list:

They do not like pelargoniums or hardy geraniums and after trying the outdoor tomatoes, they have left those alone too! So my ‘Don’t like’ list will probably consist of the more highly scented plants.

The gazanias, after a poor start, are putting up a good fight, as are the fuchsias while the calendula (marigolds) are splendid. And potatoes – they don’t eat those!
Yellow Gazania flowers
I’ve been told that lavender is another one to try – and hope to source some white-flowered varieties that could form a low hedge round my white beds. I won’t buy more than half a dozen to start with just in case – but I’ll take cuttings as soon as possible.
Jackie's potato patch - rabbits stay away
On a final note, I had expected the sweet peas to be clobbered, but they are doing splendidly. They may be inside the un-baby rabbit proof netting, but as the little darlings are squeezing through and eyeing up everything available, I’m surprised they have survived – then again, sweet peas are another scented plant!

Mother suggested mild Jeyes fluid watered round the plants – I’m trying it and we will see…

But in the meantime, I’d be grateful for more suggestions on ‘What Plants Rabbits Don’t Eat’ or how to get rid of rabbits!



  1. Our rabbits eat geraniums, lavender, primroses and pelargoniums and so far the only thing they don’t seem to eat is Valerian – thinking of trying lupins and dahlias this year – anyone know if they are resistant????

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