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Do you have a problem in your garden?

Mr Digwell Traditional and Trusted

Primrose and our resident gardening expert Paul Peacock, who writes as Mr Digwell for the Daily Mirror, can help you! Whether you want to know how to make your flowers bloom or what flowers to plant – Mr Digwell is the man to ask!

Simple email him at, and he will reply to you directly. We will publish the question and answers he sends to you on our  Mr Digwell Q&A page.

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Paul Peacock studied botany at Leeds University, has been the editor of Home Farmer magazine, and now hosts the City Cottage online magazine. An experienced gardener himself, his expertise lies in the world of the edible garden. If it clucks, quacks or buzzes, Paul is keenly interested.

He is perhaps best known as Mr Digwell, the cartoon gardener featured in The Daily Mirror since the 1950s. As Mr Digwell he has just published his book, A Year in The Garden. You can also see more about him on our Mr Digwell information page.