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September vegetables – Mr Digwell

Mr Digwell writes for us regularly so you can work on your garden at the right time. He also answers your gardening questions.

His September post was focusing on the garden as a whole, but he also has many tips for vegetable planting in September, especially with those that can be harvested in the winter. Here is what he suggests:

  • Garlic:

September is time to buy your garlic in for planting later in the month and October. Don’t buy garlic from the supermarket – It just doesn’t work so well, and you get poor growth. This is because the varieties come from Spain or Africa and they are not that good in the UK. They need good soil, but try to avoid ground that is waterlogged, and if you can’t, and these days who knows? – add some sharp sand to increase the drainage.

  • Winter cabbages and lettuces:

You can still buy plug plants from supermarkets of winter cabbages, but you can also still sow radish, lettuces, winter lettuces, turnips.

  • Japanese onion sets:

You can plant Japanese onion sets, cover them with fleece once they sprout, and although they should have been planted in August, you can still get away with it.

  • Peas:

There is just enough time to sow some peas for a late autumn harvest – supposing the weather is kind. You can use a cloche to increase your chances – try ‘Meteor’ as a variety.

  • Rocket:

Try sowing rocket – it will come fast, and if you fill a spare bed, you will get crops until Christmas.

  • Mixed vegetables:

You should be able to harvest leeks, cabbage, winter salads, peas, turnips, late carrots, and any number of leaves, including rocket.

What will you grow?

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Paul Peacock studied botany at Leeds University, has been the editor of Home Farmer magazine, and now hosts the City Cottage online magazine. An experienced gardener himself, his expertise lies in the world of the edible garden. If it clucks, quacks or buzzes, Paul is keenly interested.

He is perhaps best known as Mr Digwell, the cartoon gardener featured in The Daily Mirror since the 1950s. As Mr Digwell he has just published his book, A Year in The Garden. You can also see more about him on our Mr Digwell information page.

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