How did you keep calm over Christmas?

kosala buddha entries

We recently held a competition to win one of three Kosala Buddha water features.

We have had some fantastic replies and thought we’d share the best suggestions here:

  • All of the above
  • Calm myself down with a spot of sea gazing … Nothing beats sea air and crashing waves to clear your head 🙂
  • Embrace it all, it’s only once a year & the children love it (so do we, watching them)x
  • Enjoy it! It’s only 24hrs and if something is forgotten it will be half price within a couple of days!
  • Gardening and wood cutting
  • Get stressed and drink more tea than seems humanly possible.
  • I simply do not stress about christmas, as I remember it is a time for love and not stress! when I do get stressed, I meditate!
  • I’m naturally calm anyway so its not a problem ….
  • Just go with the flow
  • Keep Calm, Eat Chocolate
  • Keep calm?…I don’t!
  • Let it go over my head, just thinking about all the arrangements makes my head hurt!
  • switch the christmas lights on
  • There is only myself and my dog plus fish inside and out so i do everything to make sure we have good food and we can relax watch telly and just please ourselves and if anyone turns up then thats a bonus Happy Christmas to all x
  • Watch Dr Who for hours!!!

How did you keep calm over Christmas?

We also love one of our competition winners pictures – here’s the water feature in Tanya’s mum’s house:


Thanks to everyone that entered!

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