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It’s a BBQ!

bbq competition answers

bbq compositeOur latest competition to win a BBQ set has just finished and we have our winner – congratulations Nigel S who has been notified separately!

We wanted to know what you call it and had 1434 entries with BBQ emerging as the winner.

Here are some of our favourite other suggestions:

  • Braai
  • My Man Grill
  • B-B-Q as in each letter
  • Braai-a-Do
  • QBB
  • Formaqueue – the suns out!
  • Braai (South African Export)
  • Hubby’s turn to cook!
  • Braai, South African through and through
  • The hot and sweaty thing I have to spend ages cooking over, to get a few burgers and sausages for my wife and kids
  • Braai ( I was born in South Africa )
  • Outdoor gariller
  • Dad cremating the burgers!

Are you hungry yet? What do you call it?

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