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BBQs are your favourite kind of party!

bbq party

We recently ran a competition to win one of our 3×4 budget party tents which had 1188 entries. Congratulations to the winner – Linda C!

In addition to the landslide win for the BBQ party we also had some great other suggestions. Our favourite ones are below:

  • Free Party!
  • Bring your pet party
  • Christening party
  • A nice gathering of fellow veteran residents with a Strawberry tea and a nice sunny day, perhaps a little beverage and ‘leg shake’
  • House parties with friends, food and booze
  • Street Parties
  • Allotment party
  • Alfresco eating takes some beating especially when Primrose is covering the seating
  • Beer ‘n’ Pizza party, Curry night party
  • Parties that spill out from house to garden are fun, tables set with food, sweets, and drinks, let’s all have some, as the light fades, we worry not, as garden lighting enhances, and hits the spot!
  • Any party where this can be used
  • Fancy Dress Party
  • No excuse to party, especially if I had a marquee, not even the weather could stop us then!

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