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Don’t Be Afraid Of Big Leaves And Monster Plants

Amulree exotics garden design primrosePlants don’t just look pretty indoors or out – they also clean the air and add to the general well-being of any space they occupy.

Primrose have partnered with several nurseries to bring you a wide variety of plants ranging from everyday annuals and perennials to gorgeous exotics.

One of our nurseries – Amulree Exotics – is at this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show and their garden was featured on Monday night’s highlights episode on BBC1.

The thing I love about the tropical plants is just the effect that it gives you – the big leaves, the spiky leaves, it takes you to a different country and to a different time.

Planning the amulree gardenAmulree Exotics’ Simon Grindley together with garden designer Kevin Scales created a garden called ‘Don’t be afraid of big leaves and monster plants’ filled with exotic plants to showcase that even big-leaved exotic plants can be used in the smallest spaces.

There’s so many amazing plants out there that we weren’t growing here at the time so I felt it was my job to get out there and get ’em and bring ’em in.

Watch the Amulree nursery highlights on iPlayer.

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