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Three Times Round the Chicken Coop – Head of Marketing beats the MD in annual wheelbarrow race

The MD is on the final stretchLast weekend saw the newly created annual wheelbarrow race for the Primrose staff.

The managing director and the marketing manager went head to head with wheelbarrows using the MD’s son as ballast.

The challenge was to see who could run fastest three times round the chicken coop.

The MD’s comments were:

The Marketing Guy chose a wider route with smoother corners, which may have contributed to his five second faster time, although I would like to point out that the Marketing Guy lost it at the first corner, spilling the precious cargo onto the grass and we had to restart the race.

So he didn’t really win at all.

The head of marketing commented:

I felt the precious cargo leant the wrong way to favour his father’s chances. However, running barefoot gave me an advantage and having shorter legs for shorter distance and start, the track favoured me.

Ultimately the MD got his revenge with a 3-0 thrashing at Table Tennis.

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