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Caption needed – what is this bunny rabbit thinking

What is this bunnny rabbit thinking

Sometimes we have some really brilliant answers on our Facebook page that we just have to share here, too.

Our question was ‘Caption this, what is it thinking’ and we got these brilliant answers, which is your favourite one?

  • Is that rain I can smell?
  • how can I reach those carrots !
  • Please sir I want some more!
  • its thinking.please don’t put me in the pot,i’m to small to be
  • Nice paint job!
  • My name’s Peter and I’ve lost my blue jacket can you help me ?
  • Been a long week, time for a few duracells.
  • freeze …… they will think your furniture don’t make a move
  • Now where did i put my drink
  • How long do I have to stand here begging for a carrot?
  • how am I going to reach them carrots hummm
  • I am not polishing this floor again
  • so who ate all the carrots???…
  • hare today gone tomorrow lol
  • don’t put me out in the hutch its smells
  • Well, has my audition went well, for Watership Down 3D then ?
  • Hey, I find watching humans in their 3D warrens above ground very boring and they look stupid!!
  • Now how am i going to get up there where that delicious lettuce is
  • Thank goodness its the weekend and a bank holiday too…
  • Someone please start the music again, I can’t stand still much longer
  • Wheres all the girls ?
  • where did I put my rollerskates
  • Bunnio, Bunnio. Wherefore are’t thou, Bunnio?
  • Will I make it without skidding???
  • Sorry about the lettuce plants, But I’m too small to make a pie
  • It’s a long way up to that lettuce leaf
  • Stranger and stranger
  • Don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore!
  • Please can I have some more?
  • All the worlds a stage…
  • Oh no Rabbit pie for dinner…. run kids…..
  • What if they find out i’m wearing a costume?!
  • ‘I have a castle on a cloud ……’
  • Think i took a wrong turn somewhere!!!!!!
  • Have you seen my mummy.
  • Excuse me, I’m looking for Stuart Chester. He really recommended the hare regrowth additive”!
  • i think my duracell batteries have run out!
  • Am I too late to be the cute Easter Bunny?
  • Hop or flip?
  • “are you seeing this giant carrot man or is it just the acid?”
  • If I walk up straight they might never notice im a bunny rabbit
  • that cooking pot looks ominous!
  • “Carrot, where art thou?”
  • Please can i have a carrot !!
  • Hmm made it this far, now which way !!!!!
  • When I grow up I want to be……
  • Don’t like the wall paper
  • I’m tiny, just a little cake is fine thank you..
  • Wondering what it can get up to next, just like my rabbit you can see when he is thinking.
  • Nope, I’m never going to make that jump to the table with the salad on it……….never in a million rabbit years!
  • they look like carrots on the table but i can,t reach them.
  • will you be my mommy
  • Ahem! I wondered lonely as a cloud…….

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