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Caption needed – what is happening with this elephant?

Elephant with birds

We asked for captions on our Facebook page on Friday. Last time we received so many brilliant ones for the bunny rabbit that we couldn’t resist doing it again.

Here are the replies we received:

  • Are we half possom?
  • Are you ticklish?? ooh go on you know you are !!
  • I nose you don’t I?
  • Here… hold on to this n we’ll make a Trunk call to find your Mummy, but we’ll play until we do x
  • Wanna play with me?
  • Baby pals
  • “Ooh you smell nice”
  • Nope your not mine either lol xx
  • Here chick chick here chick chick
  • So your saying I’m not one of you?
  • No your not my mummy, no your not my mummy, nope your not my mummy. Mummy!!!!!!! Where are you?!
  • Who you calling big ears?
  • Give us a kiss!
  • Have you lost your mummy. do you want to make a trunk call?
  • Ur trunk is not as big as mine, why?

What do you think is happening on on the picture?

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What would your caption be?

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