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Get that Mouse out of your House!

Get Rid of Mice & Rats

With autumn on our doorstep, we slowly retreat back into our houses and begin to notice signs of unwelcome visitors.

There’s that gentle scratching sound here and there – or perhaps some droppings in the hallway.

Don’t worry if you’ve got mice or rats: we’ve got the complete solution for you!

Since installing in our loft the High Powered Mouse Device all mice have left the premises which is a first for a very long time. May it long continue. Well done, Primrose.

Our range includes 70+ good old-fashioned mouse and rat traps, glue traps, as well as very sophisticated repellers which repel rodents ultrasonically.

I bought 2 of these a couple of years ago and they are excellent. No rats, mice or cockroaches. I have also recommended them to a few of my friends.

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