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Well-wishing with a wishing well

Wishing Well PlanterIn addition to reading unusual and funny product reviews we love reading about how our products are used. For example there was the lovely story about the ‘Bench of Beeston‘ that Ann sent through recently.

Wedding traditions are different around the globe, such as Germany’s Polterabend where guests smash crockery the night before to ward off evil spirits or the Turkish tradition of pinning money to the bride’s dress.

Whilst we hadn’t come across this Australian tradition of providing a wishing well before, we do hope that our wishing well planter provides them with the best wishes for their married life.

Read their review:

This wishing well planter is as I said being used as a part of our wedding ceremony. It is a custom in Australia to provide a wishing well for guests to deposit their cards and gifts. So we decided to do this here in Dublin too, the product supplied was just superb and we are rally pleased with it as it it a robust product that’s well made and excellent value for money.

After the wedding it will be placed in our garden for us to look back fondly on our happy day. Thank you so much for your contribution to our wedding day. I will use no other than Primrose who offer a really First Class Service with Excellent Products – Well Done Primrose a Five Star Service.

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