Caption needed – a dog amongst sheep

A dog amongst sheep

We love reading captions that you come up with – such as before with the bunny rabbit or the elephant.

We asked for your caption for this picture on our Facebook page on Friday and had some brilliant responses. See below:

  • Chris:¬†should have gone to specsavers. ūüôā
  • Hayley:¬†…The hills are alive, with the smell of sheep pooh…
  • Susan: Dog in training?
  • Sue:¬†Some birthday everyone got me the same toy!!
  • Jools:¬†There’s always one that has to be different!
  • Fran:¬†Do you think they’ve seen me!
  • Collette:¬†I’m ready, let the trials begin!
  • Roddy:¬†Do I look worried?
  • Suzanne:¬†The black sheep?……
  • Sheena:¬†Wish I’d put my sheepskin coat on.
  • June:¬†Piggy in the middle.
  • Elizabeth:¬†who’s guarding who?
  • Samuel David Hairdressing:¬†well now let me explain………. when I got here ……..
  • Brenda:¬†Don’t you dare move …
  • Jean:¬†Dog sheep !
  • Angela:¬†I said get in behind….
  • Irene:¬†Whos the black sheep lol
  • Gussie:¬†It wasn’t me.
  • Deidre:¬†look at me i’m the black sheep
  • Lesley:¬†Do I look like you have fooled me? Yeah I know they are fake!! No round up happening is there?
  • Kathy:¬†a wolf in sheeps’s posing
  • Paul:¬†Quick lets get him!
  • Lynne:¬†Oh no I forgot my wooly jumper!
  • Michelle:¬†I never seem to quite fit in…I just feel I’m a little bit different than the other dogs…
  • Brad:¬†Look mum, I made some friends!
  • Janice:¬†I’m a sheep in wolf’s clothing
  • Mitchell:¬†Just waiting for a mate..
  • Aamir:¬†Report: It’s been 17 days and they still think I’m one of them
  • Shannon:¬†Fentonnnnnn
  • Hazel: Help!
  • Steven:¬†who let the sheep out beeeeaah

Which is your favourite one?

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