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Yes Please! Spring Planting Bulbs – 3 for 2!

Flower Bulbs at Primrose

We’ve been busy planning our gardens for 2014, and creating a haven for wildlife is high on our lists.

With reports of an ever declining bee population potentially threatening crops, we can do our share to help them by devising gardens with a high concentration of nectar and pollen rich flowers.

Our range of over 100 varieties of flower bulbs can now be pre-ordered and is expected to ship mid February.

We’d love to hear your plans for 2014 – share them with us on our blog!

Dahlia Tubers from £2.99Gladiolus Bulbs from £3.99Begonia Tubers from £3.99
Lily Bulbs from £2.99Arum Lily Bulbs from £4.99Iris Bulbs from £4.45
Montbretia Bulbs from £3.99Canna Bulbs from £3.99Edible Garden Bulbs from £1.99
Bee Friendly Bulbs from £12.99Other Bulbs from £3.45Gift Bulbs from £11.99

The goods came quickly and very well packed. The bulbs were in very good condition and am looking forward to the spring.

Over 1150 Planters from £0.99

Garden Hand Tools from £2.45

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