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Are elephants really afraid of mice?

Silent Roar at PrimroseSome of the products we sell are just a little bit more unusual than others Рfor example our Silent Roar cat repellent which contains lion poo and is an effective and environmentally friendly way to keep cats away from your garden. We have also heard of it being used as a method to keep cats in the garden, for example for people living near busy roads.

It’s not surprising to see funny comments about the product and we absolutely loved this comment thread in the my Telegraph section last week:

  • helpmaboab: Lion poo.
  • KatiePult: What do you use to keep lions out of your garden then?
  • helpmaboab: Elephant poo. It really spooks the lions.
  • KatiePult: What keeps elephants out then?
  • Rosie21: Don’t say anything about elephants, they are up and down the avenue two or three times a day……come to think of it, that poo in my front garden is…………….!!
  • KatiePult: Like stepping stones, mini roundabouts? Delete as appropriate.
  • helpmaboab: Mouse poo. Elephants are terrified of mice.
  • KatiePult: Isn’t that a myth? They are probably scared of accidentally squashing them with their exceptionally large feet. I have never seen an elephant jump up on a chair or table when confronted with a mouse or other small rodent, but to be fair elephants cannot jump.
  • helpmaboab: It is just a myth but all elephants believe the myth. They are not very well informed.
  • KatiePult: How on earth would anyone know? Obviously they would have trouble using a qwerty keyboard so surfing the internet is problematic as would reading a broadstreet newspaper.
  • helpmaboab: Not just keyboard problems, they can’t use a computer mouse, because they’re terrified of mice. It’s a vicious circle.

Thank you, helpmaboab, KatiePult and Rosie21!

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