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Prehistoric Pest Control – Dinos Destroying Your Garden?

Could these pest products have worked on prehistoric creatures?

Tyrannosaurus on the terrace? Velociraptors on the veranda? Bactrosaurus in the bushes? What if we really were Walking with Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs have been notoriously tricky to keep in the enclosures created for them in the movies, but how good would your garden be at keeping them out? We’ve investigated a few of our pest control products to see which would be best to keep the dinos from trampling your tulips. Here’s what we found out…

PestBye™ Advanced Cat Scarer1. PestBye™ Advanced Cat Scarer

Bad luck, although the hearing of mammals like cats extends to ultrasonic frequencies, making a sonic repeller like this the perfect deterrent for them, research suggests that large dinosaurs could probably only hear low frequency sounds meaning that this would be as silent to them as it is to humans. Perfect for keeping away the kitties, less so the big dinos.

Anti Bird Spikes2. Anti Bird Spikes

Did you know that birds are basically modern dinosaurs? This xkcd comic shows that T-Rex is actually more closely related to the sparrow than it was to triceratops! These spikes are great for protecting your sills and ledges from becoming roosting sites for pesky birds so we bet that they’d make a pterodactyl think twice before making your garden her home.

PestBye™ Get Rid of Spiders Spray3. PestBye™ Get Rid of Spiders Spray

Ok, so a huge iguanodon is probably not going to be that fussed if you spray this at him. But spiders have been around on Earth for a terrifying 240 million years, meaning that they’re a menace even older than our Jurassic pests. This spray is perfect for harmlessly keeping them from building cobwebs and preventing them from infesting your home and garden (and we can think of plenty of people who find the sight of a spider just as terrifying as that of a velociraptor!)

Deer Repeller4. Deer Repeller 

“Don’t move! He can’t see us if we don’t move!” That’s what Jurassic Park tells us about the vision of the T-Rex on the hunt, but evidence actually suggests that this dino had great eyesight. Perhaps then the super bright LED of a deer repeller would be just the thing to startle them into keeping off of your lawn. Measuring about 40 ft long these giants could cause a great deal of damage if allowed to run round the garden.

PestBye™ Rat Cage Trap5. PestBye™ Rat Cage Trap

Not all dinosaurs are the huge creatures which are the stars of the movies. Anichiornis is the smallest known non-avian dinosaur and, at approximately 34cm in length, it would be stumped if it wandered into this cage trap! However, you may not actually want to keep these tiny beasts out of your garden – it’s likely that they were insectivores so may have provided some pest protection themselves!

Dinosaur Silhouette

Whether you your garden is infested with dinosaurs or something a bit more native to this millennium, check out the Primrose website for our extensive range of pest control products.

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