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Primrose – The Nation’s New Favourite Flower

Image by Stanze on Flickr

The primrose overwhelmingly took out the title for favourite flower not only in one region of Britain but in three.  Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all agreed that the humble primrose deserved the top spot; these results come after nearly three months of voting.

England diverged from the pack and voted for bluebell to slide into first, but primrose lovers should not be disheartened by this information as the primrose managed to secure a reasonable position in second place.

The question of favourite flower was put to the public as part of Plantlife’s 25th Anniversary celebrations.  We at Primrose are particularly ecstatic about these results and cannot wait to see what happens at the next vote. Can this beautiful wildflower win England over and reign supreme? We have our fingers crossed.

Sally primroseSally works in the Marketing team here at Primrose.

She spends most of her spare time looking into the latest developments in social media. Sally loves travel and wants to step foot in every continent in the world. When not travelling the Globe or working, she likes to relax with a bit of DIY.

She is a novice gardener and doesn’t claim to be an expert, anything she learns she will happily pass on.

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