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5 Easy Steps to Making the Most of a Primrose Gardens Profile

How to get started with Primrose Gardens

We all know the amount of hard work that goes into creating your dream garden, but did you know that there’s a very easy way to share the results?

In 5 minutes or less you can create your very own Primrose Gardens profile – it’s absolutely free and gives you a great space where your photos can be seen by friends, family, and even the world! Not only that, but you can easily browse, follow, and comment on other gardens, giving you a never ending source of outdoor inspiration. Want to get started? Here’s what to do!


Get started by making a profile

1. Make Your Profile

Simply go to gardens.primrose.co.uk and click ‘Start building a website for your garden’.

All you need is your name, email address, and a name for your garden. You can be really creative, but we’re happy with just your name too! A Primrose Gardens profile is free and once you’ve signed up you’re ready to get started with all of our features.

If you’ve already created a profile, just click ‘Login’.


Add some features to your profile

2. Create Some Features

Profiles on Primrose Gardens are split up into features – albums which helpfully organise the photos you want to show off.

We’ll give you a few examples when you sign up but these features can be called anything you like to best reflect your unique garden.

There’s no limit to the number of features you can have and you can order them on your profile however you like!



3. Get Uploading Your PhotosStart uploading some photos to your profile

Once you’ve completed the first two steps you can already start uploading!

There are two ways to do this:
– Upload straight from the website – just go to the feature you want the photos to go into, click the ‘Upload photos’ button and follow the instructions.
– Use our mobile app to snap photos and post them to your profile. Available for iOS & Android, it can also be used to post photos which you already have on your phone.


4. Explore and commentEasily browse and comment on other profiles

Now that your profile is taking shape, take a look around our garden community to see what other people are posting! Click ‘Recent Posts’ at the top of the page to see the latest uploads to the site.

If you see a garden which inspires you, let the owner know! Just click comment to communicate with other users – perhaps you’d like to get their tips on how they keep their flowerbeds flourishing, help them out with their garden queries, or just let them know you love their garden.


Share photos to social media platform of your choice5. Share with us!

Proud of your garden photos and want to show them off to the world?

Send us the link to your profile and we’ll share our favourites on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on our social media for competitions and your garden might even win a prize!

What are you waiting for? Get to gardens.primrose.co.uk to create your free profile now, and start sharing your hard work!

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As a trivia lover whose favourite book when growing up was an illustrated factopedia (true story), she likes to write for the blog about interesting things she has found out whilst wandering the internet.

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