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How to Clean Copper – The Natural Way

From that small copper planter right up to the water feature you bought last summer, is your copper starting to look a little dull?

Here is the natural and easy way to polish up copper. This method uses only two ingredients. Both are nontoxic and can be found at almost any supermarket.


     What you will need:

       1 lemon

       1 tablespoon of salt



Step 1: Cut lemon in half.

Step 2: Take ½ tablespoon of salt and pour it onto one half of the lemon. Pour onto the side that has been cut.

Step 3: Rub the lemon salt mix onto the copper that needs to be polished. I like to hold the lemon by the rind and scrub in circular motions but this is entirely up to you.  Coat the entirety of the chosen copper item.

Step 4: Take a non-abrasive cloth and buffer. This part requires elbow grease but shouldn’t be too hard. Work away at the grime until you start to see some shine coming though.

Step 5: Add more lemon and salt as needed, some areas will need more work than others.

Step 6: Rinse with clean water to remove the lemon and salt residue.

This method can be used on most fine metals in the garden and because you are not using nasty chemicals it will avoid harming any pets, children or wildlife that may visit. So give the metal in your garden a spruce up with this handy trick.


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