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Pictures of the Week: Dogs in the Garden

We are bringing you a selection of the pictures we love the most as posted by you on Primrose Gardens. This week we saw how many of you have fluffy, fuzzy bundles of fun to help you out in the garden so we have picked a few of our personal favourites that have been posted on the site so far.

So if you’ve been having a ‘ruff’ day take a look at some of the photos we really dig:

Teddie showing off his beautiful garden furniture.
Sophie’s enjoying her new garden.
Mya and Chester enjoying the afternoon sun in Leadhall’s garden.
Love Gardens‘ pups are seeking some cooling shade.
Boz in his Garden enjoying the summer sun.
Boz in his garden enjoying the summer sun.
Alf posing by his new pond in Church Road's Garden.
Alf posing by his new pond in Church Road’s garden.

Primrose Gardens allows you to create a beautiful pictorial record of your garden where you can show off your garden to family and friends to enjoy over the years. It’s also a community of garden enthusiasts and the perfect space to discuss tips and tricks, as well as getting plants identified!

Sally primroseSally works in the Marketing team here at Primrose.

She spends most of her spare time looking into the latest developments in social media. Sally loves travel and wants to step foot in every continent in the world. When not travelling the Globe or working, she likes to relax with a bit of DIY.

She is a novice gardener and doesn’t claim to be an expert, anything she learns she will happily pass on.

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