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Pictures of the Week: Gardening with Cats

Last week we showed you our favourite pups, this week we are giving it up to the cats of Primrose Gardens.  From slinky siamese to puffed up persians we love seeing your feline friends relaxing and observing all the hard work you put into your gardens.

Our ‘purrfect’ selection of kitties for your viewing pleasure:

George the Cat enjoying MandyCanUDigIt’s garden (when he’s not napping)
Missy enjoys a drink from Kinloch's Watering-can.
Missy enjoys a drink from Kinloch’s watering can.
The Right Honourable Lord Phineus Twizzleton and The Lady Dowager exercising their royal privileges in Haven’s Garden.
Flora has worked out a new tactic to attract birds to her in Kingston’s garden.

Primrose Gardens allows you to create a beautiful pictorial record of your garden where you can show off your garden to family and friends to enjoy over the years. It’s also a community of garden enthusiasts and the perfect space to discuss tips and tricks, as well as getting plants identified!

Sally primroseSally works in the Marketing team here at Primrose.

She spends most of her spare time looking into the latest developments in social media. Sally loves travel and wants to step foot in every continent in the world. When not travelling the Globe or working, she likes to relax with a bit of DIY.

She is a novice gardener and doesn’t claim to be an expert, anything she learns she will happily pass on.

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