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Primrose Tree Seat on ITV’s Love Your Garden!

Primrose's tree seat appears on Love Your Garden

We know that our readers love their gardens, so were wondering how many of you tune into ITV’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh. Those watching last night (30th June 2015) must have seen our very own Liz Frances™ Tree Seat take centre stage of the beautifully designed garden! Positioned as a centerpiece around an old walnut tree, the tree seat certainly made an eye catching focal point as well as providing a great place to sit and take in the beautiful surroundings.

“Oh gosh. Gosh gosh gosh. That’s lovely”

The high quality teak garden furniture definitely grabbed Mr Titchmarsh’s attention, his first reaction simply being “Oh gosh. Gosh gosh gosh. That’s lovely”. Could we have had a better endorsement? The presenters were quick to praise the wood it was made from, noting the sturdy visible grain and the fact that it is from sustainable sources. At the end of the show, Alan Titchmarsh and the ecstatic owners of the garden sat together round the tree seat with glasses of champagne, relaxing and enjoying the newly beautified view.

We’re honoured that our seat was featured on the programme, and more than a little bit jealous of the Colquhoun family for their stunning new garden look. Let us know if it inspired you in the comments section below.

If you love our tree seat, you can check it out on our website here. We’ll be popping up on Love Your Garden throughout the series, so keep an eye out for Primrose products!

Tree Seat 1.8m 'Hayle' Grade A Teak by Liz Frances™

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