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Primrose Gardens

We’re incredibly excited to finally be able to share Primrose Gardens with you! What’s Primrose Gardens you ask?

Primrose Gardens allows you to create a beautiful pictorial record of your garden that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy over the years. But in addition it’s also a community of garden enthusiasts and the perfect space to discuss tips and tricks.

Love your garden, but not sure what plants you’ve got growing in there? Thanks to our newest feature on the site you can now get help identifying unknown plants in your garden, and help other people identify their unknown plants. Simply upload a picture of your plant and tick the ‘ask for help’ box. 

We’ve got some amazing gardeners already using the site; here are a few of our favourite images:

Great picture of Kingston‘s colourful garden furniture.
Elephant Moth found in User Mervin's Purplearium's garden.
Elephant Moth found in  Mervin’s Purplearium’s garden.
Great place to have your morning coffee, we love the bright red furniture in Abandoned Wild Gardens of Coolcreen's Garden.
Great place to have your morning coffee, we love the bright red furniture in Abandoned Wild Gardens of Colcreen‘s Garden.

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Sally primroseSally works in the Marketing team here at Primrose.

She spends most of her spare time looking into the latest developments in social media. Sally loves travel and wants to step foot in every continent in the world. When not travelling the Globe or working, she likes to relax with a bit of DIY.

She is a novice gardener and doesn’t claim to be an expert, anything she learns she will happily pass on.

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  1. Betty Fotheringham

    I don’t share your love of travelling but I do very much share DIY. I still mix concrete and I am over eighty! I probably do it to see the surprise on some men’s faces! My days are dull if I haven’t been able to get into the garden for an hour. Enjoy every minute of yours Sally! Betty

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