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Stylish Shade as seen on Love Your Garden

Primrose Awning on Love your Garden

Enid and Robbie’s story on ITV’s Love your Garden last night was special. Having been close friends since 1945, they now live together and care for each other. Robbie’s deteriorating eyesight meant that she was unable to even go in their garden and, over time, the weeds took hold. As she’s also suffering from a type of skin cancer, it’s important that any design will have to include a lot of shaded space.

“I want to give them a garden that they can really enjoy together.”

Love your Garden planThe garden was carefully planned to minimise maintenance. The team fixed a dangerous slope and created a lawn-free space.

“It’s got that seaside feel to it.”

The idea of a fragrant flowerbed by the patio filled with chocolate, strawberry, and aniseed scented flowers was inspiring and definitely worth keeping in mind when planning to change a section in the garden. It’s not always just the looks that matter!

Primrose Awning on Love your Garden 2We were honoured to have been chosen to provide one of our half cassette awnings to help shade Robbie from the sun whilst still being able to enjoy her garden from the comfortable furniture set.

As it is electrically operated, it means that Enid can very easily open and close it. Plus the fabric blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays which is ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Sit down and relax!

You can see the full episode here.

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