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How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden – Primrose Quick Tips

cat in garden

We all love a cat when it’s our own, but a neighbour’s cat creeping into your garden can cause all sorts of nuisances. From scaring away birds to fouling the lawn, there are plenty of reasons to keep pesky kitties away. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Prevent the cats getting in

Small, spiky objects can really put off a cat that’s trying to sneak into your garden. For a DIY approach, place some chopsticks in the soil or lay bits of thorny plants in your flowerbeds. Another easy way to do this is using fence spikes.

2. Scare the cats off with light

Cats hate flashing lights, so try stringing up some old CDs along the fence to glint in the sunlight. Placing little bowls of water on the ground will have a similar effect.

3. Use a cat repeller

For a modern solution, you can try an ultrasonic cat repeller. This sends out a high pitched sound, which you won’t hear but keeps the cats at bay.

4. Spray the cats with water

We all know cats aren’t the biggest fans of a bath, so try giving them a little spray from a water pistol – though maybe not a super soaker! It’s a sure-fire way to get them out of your garden.

5. Use scents to ward the cats off

Curiously, cats are really repelled by citrus scents. Scattering bits of orange or lemon rind around the garden will help to keep them away.

6. Get a dog

If all else fails, you can’t beat a good hound to scare its feline enemies away.

Please let us know in the comments how these work out, or if you’ve got any more suggestions!

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  1. Eileen Girling

    Hi, I am browsing for something sale and none injurious to put along the top of my fence and gate to STOP MY THREE CATS from jumping/climbing over the fence and into the busy road around the front of my house. please can you advise me. I was looking at “spikes” but do not want my cats to hurt themselves upon them and also how do I measure how much I would want? Thank you.

    1. Primrose Author

      Hello. I would advise the polypropylene spikes, which I can assure you will not harm or injury the cats, they will merely cause discomfort, preventing the cats from wanting to jump over the fence in future. They come in 50cm length sizes, so simply measure your fence with a tape measure and buy as much as you need. We also offer quantity discount. Hope that helps.

  2. Marge

    We have a neighbour who walks her dog across the front of our house allowing it to urinate outside ours(and annoyed neighbours) gardens which in turn makes other male dogs urinating their. I have asked her to get the dog to urinate outside her property but its like talking to a brick wall.
    We spend a fortune on deterrents (as they have a cat as well) all of which have no effect whatsoever.
    other than a stun gun (for her not the dog) please help.
    Thank you

    1. Primrose Author

      Hi Marge,

      That sounds like a nightmare! Other than a fence to keep unwanted dogs from getting onto your garden, we can only recommend Dog Rocks to help ease the problem. If you can persuade your neighbour to put these in their dog’s drinking water, they will prevent burn patches where the dog urinates on the lawn.

      Hope this helps!

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