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How to create your own Jedi Meditation Garden


Meditation Garden


The year is 1000 BBY. The New Sith Wars have come to an end and so too have the Republic Dark Ages and things are looking up for the universe with a wide belief that the Sith, who had been on a quest of universal domination for several millennia since the Dark Jedi Wars, had finally been defeated and were now extinct. As we now well know this was not the case however unaware of these developments, the Jedi order had begun reconstructing their meditation gardens on Coruscant after it had been destroyed some time earlier. Of course, it was to be devastated again many years down the line when Darth Sidious, then disguised as Chancellor Palpatine, orders Darth Vader to raid the temple and lay waste to it.

Once repaired the garden provided a peaceful place where Jedi could seek solace and the noise of the turbulent universe was momentarily rendered absent. The gardens provided a serene place where young Jedi students would often come to meditate, gather their thoughts and tune themselves to the environment. But you don’t need to be a Jedi to create yourself a bubble of serenity in a manic world. There are a few simple things you can do to turn your garden into a tranquil oasis of calm and we have some tips to help you do so.

Our first tip, which applies to any garden project, is to spend ample time planning. This is especially true in this instance because small imperfections can cause annoyances that will surely aid the dark side to take over. When creating this space, it is important to picture what would be a relaxing space for you personally. The idea of relaxation is inherently linked to one’s intrinsic emotions and as such, your relaxing space should reflect your inner self. Think about what it is that you love about spending time in the garden already, what parts of your garden you already enjoy and use those ideas to help formulate your plan.

Take inspiration. Although I did say that this should be a personal space, there is no harm in taking inspiration from other gardens. The web is full of interesting pages and collections of gardens that can provide you with ideas and themes that you can then weave your personal touch into. Choosing a theme to follow roughly is also a great way to create a sense of calmness as this instils a sense of orderliness and focus. A Japanese theme is very popular at the moment and their ordered, clean approach to landscaping lends itself well to creating a calm space.

Japanese Garden Encorporate existing structures and treelines into the design. These can be used to create little areas of sanctuary. Pergolas are often used in Oriental gardens for this purpose and you’d like one you can either create one yourself or buy them ready made.

The sound of running water is known for it’s calming effect and a water feature can be the perfect addition to a relaxing space. You can pick up cascading water features of all varieties for a reasonable price and rock monolith water features seem to fit perfectly with many meditation gardens that I have seen, especially the Japanese themed.

Further additions often found in these types of gardens are sculptures or rocks. They give you something to focus on and the more natural looking ones give an earthy feel to the garden. These again should be choosen to your personal taste but keeping it simple works well as you don’t want to over complicate this space.

If you really are a Star Wars fan of course there is plenty of Star Wars garden merchandise out there too. You can find an ewok garden gnome, a Yoda water fountain or if you’re really keen, a 12 foot AT-ST walker that will make your neighbours happy. AT-ST Walker



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