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Record Sales Day for, UK’s Largest Online Garden Specialist

Record Sales Day

Last week, Primrose achieved their highest sales in one day – exceeding £250,000 for the first time.

Ian Charles, MD, said “It’s all about the sunshine – you never know when the first really big day of the season is going to hit until you look at the pre-weekend weather forecast. We work hard every year at gearing up for big days like this – most of our products are offered on a next-day basis, so it’s crucial we don’t let anyone down. My colleagues on the phones and in our warehouses worked tremendously hard and efficiently to get the job done on the day. We’ve also continued to invest in even larger ranges of unique products available for next day delivery.”

Established in 2003, Primrose is a family-run garden specialist which has been a key player in the gradual shift of the gardening sector online. “With over 100,000 product reviews and highly detailed product information, customers often have a much better understanding and confidence in the product than they have in store. They also have access to a vast range specialist products – they no longer need to have the same plants and decorative items that their neighbours have.”


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