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Collecting Rainwater to Use in Your Garden

Collecting rainwater in your garden

Given how unreliable our climate can be, collecting rainwater to use in your garden is a beneficial activity all year round. Especially in the summer months, from around July onwards, there is usually not enough water in the soil to satisfy growing plants. But the demand on the mains supply to water them stretches the available resources and can damage the environment. So it pays to harvest your own rainfall, and it can be easier than you think to collect it.

What are the benefits of using rainwater in the garden?

  • Beat the hosepipe ban with your own sustainable water supply.
  • The water you collect is free and can reduce your monthly bills.
  • Rainwater has a balanced pH level, which is best for plants, and free from any chemicals.
  • Reduce the demand on the water table to protect environmental resources.

Water butt

How to collect rainwater in your garden

The easiest way to save the rainwater that falls on your property is by collecting that which runs off your roof. All you need is guttering, drainage pipes and a water butt.

Experts estimate that around 24,000 litres of water falls on the average rooftop per year. The great thing is this can be saved, no matter what size garden you have. Even a small patio has room for a water butt.

But don’t stop with your house. Any outbuilding with a roof is a prime rain collector. Sheds, garages and greenhouses can be fitted with gutters and their own water tanks.

For the best results, it’s essential to keep your gutters and water butts clean. This will prevent the build up of any bacteria or diseases harmful to your plants. If you want to stock up on the maximum rainfall then fit multiple water butts together, so you don’t miss a drop!

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