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Heated Clothing: Iceland vs. Warmawear

Last year, our very own buyer for our Warmawear range of heated clothing, Alena, being the thoroughgoing professional that she is, decided to take a trip to Iceland herself to test out our range and ensure that our customers are being sold the kind of quality products Primrose is known for.

This is Alena:
And this was her packing list:


As you can see she went all kitted out for the cold, with everything she needs to keep her warm, including Primrose’s Warmastone, which not only keeps your hands warm but quadruples up as a torch, powerbank and even a phone charger.

Alena touched down in Reykjavik – soon to be heading into the wilds to experience Iceland’s sensational natural beauty, the geyser, waterfall walk and ice lakes, while camping out in a tent in the cold nights.


What came in handy first of all was the gloves. Whale watching close to the arctic circle was always going to be a battle with the elements, but the Warmawear heated gloves and glove liners did just the job at keeping out the cold.


The gloves also came in handy back on land: “I could easily use my camera with these gloves on and could respond more quickly because my fingers were warm!” said Alena, speaking about the ladies glove liners. She added that they were even great for camping. They were slim enough that much of the setting up of a tent could be done with them on.

Another essential part of Alena’s Warmawear toolkit were the disposable heat packs. Since they can be put under clothing, they were great for keeping out the cold during the Icelandic nights. “I used it not just as a hand warmer but as a foot warmer, and also put some on my back under my thermals. I could still feel the heat when I woke up in the morning!”

Alena using the Warmawear Disposable Heat Packs.

The Warmawear thermal socks were also a big hit, especially when combined with the above heat packs. Alena explains: “We were having a competition to see who could stand in an ice lake the longest. Naturally this led to our feet getting a little cold! I don’t know what I would have done without the thermal socks and heat packs we took along. They allowed me to get my feet warm and toasty again in no time!”

The Warmawear Thermal Socks with Stripes, as worn by Alena

And of course who could have done without the most versatile piece of equipment in Alena’s pack, the Warmawear 4-in-1 Hand Warmer. This great item also functions as a torch and a portable powerbank. “We didn’t have much chance to charge our phones, cameras or other digital devices, so this power bank was priceless. It also worked fantastically as a torch and extra hand warmer!” This item in particular seems to have been very useful in the wilds, where access to a mains power supply wasn’t an option.

The Warmawear Warmastone

So thanks to Alena’s travels across Iceland – you can rest warm and easy this winters with Warmawear’s range at your fingertips – even if you don’t go as far as Iceland!

You can view the full range of Warmawear products here.


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