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How to Pick the Perfect Real Christmas Tree

Real Christmas Tree

With the arrival of frosty mornings and Christmas songs on the radio, now is the time to consider what type of Christmas tree you want this year. Artificial trees are great value for money as they can be re-used for years to come, however many people still prefer the aroma and natural look of a real tree.

If you need a helping hand with spotting the perfect spruce or fir, here’s a comprehensive guide on picking the perfect natural tree to fill your home with festive joy all the way to New Year.

Which Christmas Tree?

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of Christmas tree you want this year, here’s a lowdown on the different types available.

Norway Spruce – This type of tree is often regarded as the traditional Christmas tree. It is pyramid in shape with mid to dark green needles, and is an affordable option. However, they tend to drop a lot of needles in an indoor environment.

Nordmann FirThis type of tree is often a very popular choice due to its strong branches and soft needles. It doesn’t tend to drop as many needles, and has dark green foliage.

Blue SpruceSimilar to the Norway Spruce, the Blue Spruce has stiff needles, but has a slight blue hue in the foliage. It is an elegant choice with better needle retention.

Fraser FirAlso a pyramid shaped tree, with soft foliage. This tree tends to be best for limited spaces as it is generally narrow with denser foliage.

Once you’ve decided which tree will best suit your home, you get to do the fun part of picking the tree! This can be a fun activity for the whole family to visit your local tree farm and get into the festive cheer.

Healthy Christmas Tree

Our Top Tips for Picking the Best Christmas Tree

  • If you’re able, try to visit a tree farm where you can pick a tree that’s still in the ground. This is preferable as this tree is likely to last much longer than a tree that’s been cut a while ago.
  • Measure! Before you leave your house to start your adventure remember to measure the space where you want to place the tree. And remember to leave a few inches at the top of the tree for a star/angel.
  • Before you leave the house, cover the floor where you want your Christmas tree to be. This will not only help to protect your floor but also absorb any water spillages once you start to water your tree.
  • Bring gloves with you to the tree farm. This is so the needles do not hurt you when you transport the tree home.
  • Now for the fun part…picking the tree! You want to look out for a tree with a bright, even colour throughout. This means it is healthy and happy.
  • Check the needles – give the tree a gentle shake and see how many needles fall. A little fall of needles is normal, but if there’s a lot it might be past its sell by date.
  • Another way to check the needles, especially with a Fraser or Douglas Fir, is to break off a needle and bend it in half. If it snaps that’s a good sign, if it is bendy that means the tree has been there a long amount of time.


Remember our tips and you’ll find the perfect Christmas tree this year!  Keep your eye out for our blog on ‘How to Care for Your Real Christmas Tree’ to keep it looking fantastic all through the festive period, coming soon!

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