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What to do with your Tree after Christmas

Thinking about throwing away your real Christmas tree once Christmas has come and passed? Think again! There are so much you can do with your Christmas tree that can benefit the environment and also your own home. So when it is time to box up the decorations, consider our suggestions on what to do with your real Christmas tree after Christmas.


Tree Pine Needle Sachet

One thing for sure, the scent that the tree gives is great and gives a fresh feeling in any room. This is why it would be a great idea to make a sachet of the tree’s pine needles and place them around your home so the freshness doesn’t leave in a hurry! Nothing is better than having a natural fragrance surround you.

Bee Hotel

Now I know what you’re thinking… it sounds odd but in fact it’s possible and very beneficial to the friendly Solitary bees that fly by. When creating the bee hotel, use the trunk as it’s the thickest part of the tree and then follow by drilling reasonable sized holes big enough for bees to fly in and out of. Once that is done, find the perfect spot to place your new bee hotel and make sure it is in direct sunlight.

Home for the Wildlife

If you don’t fancy bees booking reservations at the bee hotel, then we’d suggest making your old Christmas tree into a safe home for wildlife. All you’ve gotta do is place the tree in a corner in the garden that you’re willing wildlife such as Birds, rabbits, hedgehogs and squirrels to use. This ensures that they have a safe, dry spot to hide during the Winter season.

Bird Feeders

Another great solution to what you could do with the tree is to make it into a Bird Feeder holder. Find a spot where it’ll be easy for birds to find the tree and perch on the branches and then hang your filled Bird Feeders on the branches. Wild birds will feel comfortable while feeding from the feeders due to the natural tree setting.

Be sure to send us photos of what you did with your Christmas Tree through our Facebook and Twitter; we’d love to see what you did different!

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