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Primrose Supports Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary

Primrose is proud to support Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary by providing planters for their rescued marmosets to play in. Located in Looe, Cornwall, the charity has been protecting primates for for 50 years and has campaigned to end the primate pets trade.

Currently, it is not only legal to keep certain primates such as marmosets, tamarins and squirrel monkeys, but there are no licensing demands or special regulations for their care as they are not deemed dangerous under the 1976 Dangerous Animals Act. There are an estimated 5,000 primates being kept in the UK as pets, of which hundreds are rescued each year by animal charities, but many more are left behind due to a lack of funding. Unlike other species, primates are highly intelligent and undomesticated, requiring companionship and specialised diets to thrive, and are not suitable as pets.

If you are against keeping primates as pets, you can sign the RSPCA’s petition here.

Wild Futures website can be found here.

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