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Hammocks: A Guide By Primrose

What is a hammock?

A hammock in its simplest form is a fabric sling that comes in several different designs, sizes and colours. Hammocks can be used for resting, relaxing and sleeping and the great thing about hammocks is that they are so easy to erect in comparison to other garden furniture meaning you can take your hammock on the go with you.

What is the origin of hammocks?

Although hammocks are now commonly used as a way to relax, throughout history they have been used as a sleeping solution in jungles, forests and even naval ships that didn’t have the room to fit bunk beds on board. In hot climates such as India a hammock is made from a Sari and is used for to cool down toddlers and help them sleep safely.


How do I put up a hammock?

Depending on the hammock type, there are many different ways to put up your hammock. You could tie a hammock between two trees, from overhead beams, or even from the ceiling! One great way to erect a hammock easily is to buy a hammock stand , they are easy to carry and only takes a matter of minutes to assemble.


What are the benefits of a hammock?

A hammock can help reduce stress. This is because of the slow swaying that lowers blood pressure and in turn helps you to relax. It has also been proven that sleeping in a hammock helps you drop off to sleep quicker and keep you in a REM sleep. So if you have trouble getting to sleep at night this may be a good solution!

When being used in the great outdoors a hammock will also save you from some nasty bites from creatures on the ground, you can also buy mosquito nets for hammocks for even more protection.


Can I use my hammock when camping?

A hammock is a fantastic idea to use when on a camping holiday. You could either use a hammock alongside a tent to have a place to relax in the fresh air, or you could forget the tent completely and get to one with nature by sleeping in your hammock. This will save you tonnes of space and ensure a comfy night’s sleep.


What are the different types of hammock?

Depending on your needs there are many different kinds of hammock. For using a hammock alone, a single hammock is the most practical option, but if you want to share you should invest in a double hammock. If you want something a bit different you could also consider a chair hammock . which allows you to sit upright whilst relaxing.

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