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How to Care for Wild Birds in Spring

It’s finally spring, and that mean only one things for garden birds – breeding season! If you are an avid bird-feeder or just starting out, it is important to know that this is an important time for caring for wild birds. To find out how to care for wild birds in spring, as well as find out some interesting facts about breeding season, be sure to read on!

How to Care for Wild Birds in Spring - brown baby bird on moss tree branch

Dawn Chorus

You may have noticed that you’ve been woken up earlier than usual with birds chirping away first thing in the morning; this is known as the dawn chorus. This is actually birds calling out to attract a mate. The louder and more intricate the singing, the more likely male birds will attract a mate. The birds sing early in the morning as the dim light protects them from predators that may be alerted by their chirps. Once the sun has risen, birds move on to go about their day collecting food.

How to Care for Wild Birds in Spring - sunrise through grass

Nest Boxes & Nesting Wool

To attract wild birds to your garden at this exciting time there a number of things you can do, which will in turn help birds as breeding season is definitely a tiring time for them! Placing a nest box in your garden will provide an important potential nesting space. Natural nesting spaces are on the decline, so investing in a nest box is a great help for birds. If you want to help provide a natural nesting space instead, resist cutting your hedges as birds often nest in them when they are thick and a little overgrown.

You could also provide nesting wool for wild birds. Nesting wool is natural material that provides birds insulation for their nests.  Be sure to place it in shrubs or foliage rather than directly in a nest box; birds will collect it themselves and transport it to their nest.

How to Care for Wild Birds in Spring - eggs in bird's nest

Feeding Wild Birds

It is also a good idea to provide wild birds with some supplementary food during this time. Providing high energy foods such as seeds and nuts will help adult birds during springtime, at whatever point they are at in their breeding cycle. Choosing the right kind of food can be daunting with so much on the market. Check out our Garden Birds Feeding Guide to find out more about the different types of bird food available.

How to Care for Wild Birds in Spring - wild bird perched on branch with seed in beak

Baby Birds

If you put in some work to attract wild birds into your garden during spring, you may be lucky enough to glimpse a look at some (very cute) baby birds. These birds will usually be at their fledgling stage when they are usually found on the ground. They tend to hop around to gain strength for their first fly. These fledglings are usually around two weeks old. It is important to know that if you see any baby birds seemingly struggling on the ground, to leave them be. Taking them away from their parents at this vital time can be detrimental, so be sure to admire from afar! Their parents are sure to return soon to feed them some treats.

How to Care for Wild Birds in Spring - baby birds in nest


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  1. Ann Moody

    I did not know about nesting wool, I am definitely getting some to leave in the hedges to help the birds especially as it good insulation for the nests

    1. Hi there is another more natural fibres that you can use and that is dog fur,😊 I had a shepherd until 016. Then sadly I lost her. But every time I would groom her I would put the fur in a bag then just wait until the Robin starts to build a nest then I would place it in a dry place where I new the birds would find it . You would be surprised how many birds do actually use it.

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