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Hydroponic Gardening – Indoor Farming and the Future of Food Production

Over a few thousand years, soil has become man’s best friend. It has been the only medium for growing staple-food crops, like wheat, corn, and rice; to fresh green veggies and delicious fruits that stack in grocery shops. But thanks to the development of plant biology research and new growing technologies, the way we grow plants and produce food can be changed. Plants can be grown soillessly by a modern method, called hydroponics.

Studies have found that plants don’t need soil to grow – they only require three things: water, light, and nutrients. Hydroponic gardening takes full advantages of these facts, providing plants with what they need without any unnecessary dirt. NASA also has developed hydroponic methods to grow food for astronauts in space. And as the population is predicted to increase about 70% by 2050, when the land and fresh water becomes scarcer, hydroponics has a lot to offer.

If you don’t have ample space for a garden plot or a sunny spot inside your constrained apartment, you can start a hydroponic garden with some grow lights.

If you are interested in having a soilless garden, you’ll love this infographic about hydroponic gardening from Green and Vibrant. Get growing and try this at home. You’ll enjoy fresh and delicious food served on your kitchen table at any time of the year.

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