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World Naked Gardening Day

Time to grab those gardening tools and trim those bushes for World Naked Gardening Day! World Naked Gardening Day occurs on the first Saturday of May, every year and has got to be the most strangest yet funniest days of the year. But how did this annual event start you ask? We’ll break it down for you…


History of World Naked Gardening Day

This peculiar holiday was created back in 2005 by Mike Storey and Jacob Gabriel for a movement of Body Freedom Collaborative project which introduced Nude and Nature together. Although the prime message was to promote unashamed acceptance of the human body, the creators also saw it as a bit of fun for all gardeners and non gardeners around the world! The original date for World Naked Gardening Day occurred on 10th September 2005, but growing plants was always best to do during spring time… and also it might be chilly for some participating! So for that reason, they changed the date to the first Saturday of May, every year.

World Naked Gardening Day 2

How you can celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

It’s simple; strip down and go outdoors! You can try this out in your own garden and privacy and not worry about what the neighbours think! You can also join in with others at some of the many naked gardening clubs across the country. How come try celebrating during a hiking trail, if you have the bal… Tools!

So remember, if you’re looking to join in with the nation to expose yourself to the outside world, the event will take place on 5th May 2018.

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