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How to Get Rid of Spiders

Every autumn homes around the country gets flooded with spiders, moving in from the garden in search for a mate. Primrose recommends ultrasonic repellers as the most effective device to keep your house spider free, which work by upsetting a spider’s sense of “hearing”, forcing them to move to new areas.

Ultrasonic Repellers

Although spiders have no formal hearing, they have tiny hairs, called trichobothria, which respond to vibrations (sound). These hairs play an important role in hunting as they allow spiders to detect an object’s direction of travel and size, alerting it to prey. It is likely ultrasound disturbs this important function, causing spiders to seek different hunting grounds.

At Primrose, we have developed an especially devious device to rid your house of spiders – our Whole House Advanced Spider Repeller, which can be adjusted to emit variable frequencies at random intervals to cause maximum confusion. It also emits electromagnetic waves, which is believed to upset spiders’ magnetoreception, affecting their ability to navigate.

We also stock a battery powered model which is perfect for outbuildings.

Why ultrasound?

Ultrasound is perfect as by definition, the frequencies are higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing, so there is no inconvenience. It is also detectable by a large range of pests and will help keep rats out of your house. Importantly, unlike other solutions, ultrasonic devices are a permanent solution to your spider problem. You can spray and catch as many spiders as you wish, but providing there is no deterrent, they will return.

Why Primrose?

Primrose sells thousands of units each year with less than 2% returned as ineffective. Our top selling model has over 900 independently verified reviews with an average rating of 4/5 and has a money back guarantee.

Spider Catchers

Primrose stocks three types of spider catchers powered by different mechanisms. One is powered by a lever that closes bristles around a spider, another sucks a spider in a vacuum and the last traps a spider in a compartment. All are humane, allowing you to release the captured spider in a suitable location. If you are decided on a spider catcher, the first two models are the best. The latter is only suitable for flat surfaces. Of the first two models, the vacuum allows you to capture multiple spiders, the downfall is that it requires batteries.

Spider Sprays

Our spider spray is designed to stop spiders building cobwebs for up to 4 weeks. Simply spray on affected areas.

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  1. Brian Hutchings

    Why do you want to get rid of spiders? Surely we should all value wildlife, no matter what it is, we should welcome everything. They are all very important to the biodiversity of life.

    Nature enthusiast,
    Brian Hutchings

  2. Primrose Author

    Hi Brian,

    Yes, spiders play an important role in the ecosystem.

    We do not want to get rid of spiders altogether, simply allow arachnophobes to live in spider-free homes.



    1. Irene Restall

      Harmless spiders such as the zebra (jumping) spider, the beautiful garden orb spider should be left to do what they do best – keeping the bad bugs down. An average spider in an average year reduces the fly/other insect population by an average of 400 per year. If all spiders were killed off (as a super predator) we would be INUNDATED WITH FLIES AND OTHER INSECT PESTS. Please leave your garden occupying spiders alone. Even in the house the “seaside spider” is harmless although it does cause cobwebs, it accounts for mites around your house, better than using an insecticide. Watch out however for the new false widow spider, I am pretty scared of those and kill them instantly I see them in the house. Irene.

  3. Sarah Lamprell-Jarrett

    I have been bitten by a spider and not only did it hurt, but my arm came up in red wheels. I do not want this to happen again. So in response to Brian’s comment….spiders can do what they want outside my house, I do not want them in it!

    Spider Unenthusiast



    I have a long held fear of spiders and would welcome your machine that can rid my house of them, The question I have, is that having a lovely little Bichon dog, will this machine affect my dog in any way, as obviously I do not want anything that will cause him harm,

    1. Primrose Author

      Hi Sylvia,

      Many animals, including cats, dogs, rodents and other house pets, can hear ultrasound. Whether or not it will negatively affect your pets is an open question.



  5. I agree keep them outside who wants them creeping about I’ve been on Operation Spider all week filling in any holes openings gaps in pipes covered my air vents with mesh, filled in holes around light fittings outlet pipes and sprayed any windows I might open, certainly making it harder, bugger off to the shed you can take up residents there

  6. Jacqueline

    Quick! Quick! Where can I buy this item? I have already seen a H U G E spider in my bathroom, persude it across the landing at a great rate before managing to swot it with my shoe!

  7. Tenny

    I have a real fear of spiders but ALWAYS try to catch humanely with a glass & postcard then let them free at the bottom of my garden. I can’t do this if they’re up on the ceiling or other hard to reach crevices so will probably purchase the Lever Bristle Thingy,I had one years ago and found it worked perfectly without any harm to myself or more importantly the Spider.


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