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8 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Area Eco-Friendly

eco friendly garden

With the beginning of summer in the UK, you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful weather by confining yourself within the house. As your patio will be the centre of attention for family gatherings, entertainment and the perfect spot for relaxation, why not consider remodeling the area? What’s even better is giving the patio an earth-friendly makeover. This way you will be able to add new textures, colours, update the furniture and beautify your home while fulfilling your commitment to the environment. Here are eight creative tips for you to make your garden eco-friendly:

Use Organic Fabrics

Adding some new colours will help you create the desired environment and revamp your outdoors. The upholstery brings everything together adding the perfect touch to your patio, so make these choices carefully. While you are out in your search for the perfect colours, patterns and designs, consider getting some organic fabric instead of the regular synthetic ones. Organic cotton and hemp are great options; the materials are environment-friendly and help limit your exposure to chemicals that are otherwise used in synthetic cotton and linens. You can even buy cushions filled with organic soy, corn or cotton or those made using natural dyes, so you don’t end up compromising on your favourite shades.

Organic fabrics

Look for Sustainable Furniture

Selecting the correct furniture is essential as it brings comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation. Eco-friendly furniture may seem expensive, but it is worth the price and pays off in the more extended run. Today sustainable furniture has become an increasingly common choice due to their benefits to the environment, durability and the aesthetic appeal of course. The two most popular materials include teak and eucalyptus wood, the former being the most expensive yet demanded material for its beauty and ease of maintenance. Eucalyptus is a more affordable alternative if you aren’t looking to spend a high amount yet want the same benefits as that of teak. The important thing is to ensure that the furniture you buy is made out of wood which was grown and harvested in an eco-friendly manner. For those who wouldn’t want to opt for wood, aluminum or stainless steel are good choices.

Teak furniture

Eco-Friendly Rugs

The perfect patio wouldn’t look complete without a comfy rug, would it? There are tons of options available for environment-friendly materials such as jute, bamboo, seagrass, recycled plastic, cotton yarns, sisal to name a few. These are not only sustainable, biodegradable but also strong & sound-absorbent and are excellent for adding texture. Make sure you get a rug with the correct construction as it will be more durable and last you longer. You can even opt for rugs made out of recycled plastic for high-traffic areas to add a touch of greenery. You have the opportunity to play with your creativity so get something that solidifies the feel of the space.

Organic Rugs

Recycle Old Household Items to Use as Décor

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to remodel your patio. Various old items in the house may seem useless but guess what, you can put your imagination to work and recycle these to add beauty to your outdoors. It is all about letting your creative juices flow, and you will be able to create a masterpiece out of anything, from old tires to metal containers, even your old pair of boots (hint: these may act as flower pots). You can reupholster old furniture or re-paint the old patio table to give it a total makeover.

Innovative Technologies

If you desire to make an impact, then consider investing in energy efficient technologies that are kinder to the environment. Of course, it isn’t possible to install high power solar panels at once, but you can always begin with small changes. For instance, you can get solar powered night lights for your garden or patio. You may also consider investing in a motion detecting system for your porch; the lights will automatically turn on when the sensor identifies motion which will help save electricity. This way you will be able to contribute to the saving of precious natural resources while reducing pollution.

Solar lights

Add Native Plants to Your Yards

Since we are remodeling the patio, the garden could also use a few changes. The first step towards an eco-friendly garden is planting native species. These plants require less maintenance and can help lower your water costs. If you wish to take a step closer towards the goal, consider going organic with your garden and create a healthy, pesticide-free environment for growing fruits and veggies.

Use Natural Cleaning Methods

Once you are done remodeling the outdoor area, it is now time to think of ways of maintaining the patio without being harsh to the environment. Instead of relying on chemicals, you can use natural products available at stores or create your cleaning solutions using substances like vinegar or lemon juice. Recycle all your waste and try to adopt a plastic-free approach for your home starting with the patio.

Choose Environment-Friendly Decoration Options

For walkways and patios, you can consider bricks, permeable concrete pavers, and natural stones as green options for a patio. As for decorating the area, you can utilise the beauty of nature in whatever way you like. If you wish to witness the majestic beauty of birds, you can add birdhouses to provide accommodation for the birdies, birdbaths, a small pond and plants to create a relaxing environment.

bird feeder

Danica Boyd is a bird enthusiast and nature lover. She has been keeping pet birds for several years and now has tons of practical experience in caring for birds. She writes for the team behind Bird Cages Now.