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Our Waterfall Blade Cascade on Love Your Garden

Waterfall Blade Cascade

Last night’s episode of Love Your Garden set place in Newark for a man that has dedicated his life helping others. Nathan, ex-veteran is a double amputee after tragically losing both his legs and almost losing his life while serving in Afghanistan in 2009. Despite having troubles of his own, Nathan has a passion to support other ex-veterans who struggle with life outside the armed forces, particularly older veterans who are less likely to seek help.

After showing immense amount of determination to continue with his day to day life and doing such a great thing for those veterans, Nathan’s friends and family decided it was time to get in contact with Alan Titchmarsh and his team to work on the garden and redesign it so that Nathan can access all levels of the garden.

The Love Your Garden team took on the challenge and the final result of the woodland inspired garden was incredible. Nathan can walk with ease and access the whole garden. Rachel , Nathan’s wife can now craft away in their new summer house. A new patio and lounge area were also created for the whole family to enjoy and a climbing frame area for Nathan’s son, Harry to explore.

Last but not least, the garden features a wonderful Outdoor Kitchen where Nathan can enjoy a few drinks from the Outdoor cooler with guest. Our Victorian Falls Waterfall Blade Cascade can be found in this area. Alan and his team got creative and did a great job with the design using pebbles and stones to create a fantastic looking waterfall for Nathan and his family to enjoy.

Watch the full episode to see the final result of the garden for yourself!

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