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How to Repair Rattan Garden Furniture

Repair rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is perfect for the outdoors, such as in a garden, where you may want to relax in the sun during hot days or curl up with a blanket and a book on early fall days. Some people also use it in conservatories and sunrooms. Regardless of where it is placed, because of its construction, this type of furniture can last for quite a while. Still, this doesn’t mean that it can’t sustain damages, but the good news is that as long as the damage isn’t too extensive, you can repair it at home, giving it new life. If the furniture is too old, or too damaged, then it may be time to get new one, and to consult a guide to buying outdoor furniture.

Getting Ready

First off, you should make sure that you have the right tools for this repair job. Purchase some replacement rattan strands, scissors that are strong enough so that they won’t break, glue intended for use on wood, a big bowl, as well as warm water, and a cloth. When doing this repair job, if possible, you should go outside. Pick a warm, sunny day, when there’s little to no wind.

rattan sofas

Clean Up and Inspection

The warm water and cloth will be used for cleaning the rattan furniture, since trying to repair one that is dirty will be a whole lot less pleasant. Be gentle about it, as it is highly unlikely that the furniture is so dirty that it needs to be scrubbed down. After finishing, leave it out to dry for a few minutes.

A good inspection is now in order, to see if there aren’t any damages you may have not seen before. Rattan furniture gets most damages around the legs and arms, as well as under the seating side. The backside of seat rest is also in danger, especially if the furniture was often placed against walls.

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The Repair

If there are any ends poking out, you can place a bit of glue, and push them back in the weaving. If there are spots where wrappings loosened up, then those should be glued into place as well. In case the actual strands of rattan are too damaged to simply be put back in place, it’s time to replace them altogether. This is where the replacement rattan strands come in handy.

Start by putting them in warm water and leaving them there for about a half hour. What this does is it helps soften the material, so that you can twist it easier. After the 30 minutes are up, make sure to take the strands out, weave them into the furniture, and apply glue to the ends, to make sure it stays in place. Ta-daa! You’ve got repaired rattan furniture, that is ready to be loved and used all over again.

When the damages to your rattan furniture are small, you shouldn’t throw it out and replace it, as a simple repair job can ensure you’ll be able to keep on using it. Not only is this friendlier to your wallet, but it is also better for the environment, which means everyone wins.

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