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Winter Care for Garden Tools

Winter is in full effect so it’s time to think about winter care for your garden tools and how to do it. If you look after your garden tools well then they should last you for years and will also save you money! So grab your tools and follow this guide so that you won’t have to deal with the consequences next year.

winter care for garden tools

Winter Care for Hand Tools

Start off your winter maintenance by cleaning all of your hand tools. Simply scrub all tools using a cleaning brush, making sure dirt and mud are removed from the metal part. Follow up with a dry cloth to wipe down the remaining soil left on the tool. If rust remains, sandpaper can be effective to rub any rust away. Wooden handles may also need to wiped down with sandpaper to ensure all splinters are removed.

You’ll want to oil your hand tools next. The reason many would oil their tools is so it prevents them from rusting over the period they are out of action. This all depends on the quality of the metal but to be sure, apply a thin layer. Use Linseed oil for the wooden handles so that the handle doesn’t become dry over these cold months.

Storing your tools away from rainfall and other elements that’ll make all your hard work lost is essential. You can store them in your greenhouse or rack them up in the shed, ready for you to use on the first day of spring.

Winter Care for Power Tools

There are different things that’ll need to be done for each power tool. If you have a tool such as a lawnmower or grass trimmer, you’ll need to ensure that all grass and grass clippings are removed from the machine as this will avoid the blades from jamming when next used and make sure to store in a cool and dry area.

If you have petrol powered tools, make sure that no fuel is left in the can and drained as over time in these cold conditions, it can go stale and you may struggle to start it up again come spring. Quite the opposite is needed for the oil though as this will need to be checked and topped up so that the machine remains in good working order.

lawnmower care

Sharpen Your Tools

Sharpening your tools is a great way to save money long term. After summer use, your hedge trimmers, chainsaws and hori trowels can become worn down and blunt. A quick job of the appropriate file tool to sharpen them up will ensure that your tools are as effective in 2019 as they were in 2018.

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