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Innovative Solutions To Common Garden Problems

Is there a niggling gripe with your garden that keeps you from making the most of your outside space? We spoke to our customers about their most common issues and are pleased to present our innovative solutions.

  1. Gardens too dark but mains lighting too difficult to install
  2. Invasive wildlife and pests, but no humane defense
  3. Our unpredictable weather – what’s a quick way to provide shade and shelter
  4. Gardens get too chilly to enjoy year-round
  5. Lack of colour in the garden in the winter months
  6. Difficulty of accessing/turning compost

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is an excellent environmentally friendly and cost efficient method to light up your garden. Our solutions can be hung, staked or attached to a wall, so there is no area you can’t light up. We’ve recently launched some new planter stakes to light up your stunning centerpiece.

Pest Control

Can you guess what our most common query is? Cats pooing in the garden. That’s right.

We stock an array of humane pest control solutions designed to rid your garden of the most common pests. We have developed end-to-end plastic fence spikes that deter both burglars and cats from entering your garden. A motion-activated water spray designed to keep cats and herons away from your precious koi. We have a large range of motion-activated ultrasonic-devices that cause no lasting harm to animals but can evict everything from moles to rats.

Shade Solutions

You long for the sun, but then as soon as you get a baking bank holiday weekend, someone is complaining about the heat. Or you’re hosting your perfect summer BBQ, and then get hit by an unexpected shower.

We know what that’s like, which is why we developed our range of Kookaburra sail shades. First and foremost they are designed to offer unrivaled UV protection, blocking harmful rays and giving your guests a shady spot to relax in. But we’ve also created waterproof versions to shelter you come rain or shine.

And best of all, sail shades are a modern, stylish and easy-to-install alternative to classic shade solutions.

If you’re looking for high end shade protection, Primrose has led the way in bringing patio awnings to the affordable DIY market. With over 1000 on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your garden. The latest innovation is a smart control for awnings, so you can operate it via an app on your phone.

We have marquees and gazebos for every budget and are especially proud of our pop up gazebos that can be assembled in 5 simple steps. For the special event, we have opulent indian-style marquees.

Outdoor Heating

If your garden is your passion, you want to maximise your time spent in it and outdoor heating provides just that, whether it’s the essential heat on a cold spring day or warming your guests on firework night.

We have heating solutions that can be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling or left freestanding. Our ceiling heaters have been specially developed for marquees to provide warmth and shelter safely in case of summer rains.

Our bestselling model cost just under 10p per hour to run, and retails at just £39.99, so outdoor heating is a luxury everyone can afford. We have gas heaters in addition to electric that are easily portable and more powerful, allowing you to complete that winter project without hardship.

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have improved leaps and bounds in recent years and it’s no longer reasonable to expect lumpy topiary dyed blue in the sun as they now provide no fuss, year-round colour in your garden. We have laboratory tested our own to simulate 2 years of sunlight in a south facing garden and they showed no sign of weathering. Our newest range of hanging baskets come complete with solar lights, providing another means of lighting your garden.

Tools & Equipment

Primrose has developed a range of tools to make life easier in the garden.

Our hori-hori trowels an be used for everything from planting bulbs and harvesting root crops to uprooting weeds and measuring depth. This elegant tool takes place of five others and makes a fantastic gift.

Our easy-press fruit press makes light work of juicing your favourite fruit. Simply turn the handle and the blocks of wood will squash the fruit.

Composting has never been easier thanks to our easy-load range. Open slats improve circulation, reducing the need to turn the compost, and they are removable allowing you to dump wheelbarrows without the need to lift.

Vegtrugs allow one to grow crops without the need to bend down and are perfect for any patio.

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